Human brain

Japanese Neuroscientists Learned to Read Dreams

Japanese neuroscientists have learned to anticipate the visual content of dreams. Results of their work, scientists reported on neurobiological conference in New Orleans. Experiments were carried out in blocks of three hours for a few weeks. Volunteers were placed in a scanner, where they were to sleep. Once in the brain, the experiment participants are beginning to have characteristic electrical activity of the onset of sleep, they woke and asked about the content of the dream. Within an hour, spends six to seven cycles of sleep and waking, but only one of the volunteers told about the content of their dreams about 200 times.

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Neutrinos do Not Travel Faster than Light

An experiment to repeat a test of neutrinos has found that they do not travel faster than light. Last September, a preliminary but electrifying result suggested these ghostly subatomic particles might travel faster than light. Now, in what may well be the final nail in the coffin for the claim that neutrinos travel faster than light, scientists from the ICARUS Group, which is also in Gran Sasso, have announced that they’ve measured neutrinos travelling from CERN, and determined that those neutrinos were not travelling faster than light.

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