Scientists Discover New Frog Species

A new species of frog has been found hiding in plain sight in New York City. University scientists helped discover this new species with scientists from the University of Alabama. For years, biologists mistook the frog for a more widespread variety of leopard frog. This one, however, prefers not to stray far from the Big Apple and has an unusual croak. The frog lives in the city’s ponds and marshes, sometimes within view of the Statue of Liberty, so uncovering the frog’s true identity was a surprise for scientists.

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New Family of Caecilians Found in India

A new family of caecilians, the most enigmatic branch of the amphibians, has been discovered in northeastern India.The animals, which at first glance resemble worms, live in forest soil and are most closely related to an African group of caecilians. The females incubate their young for several months without eating. As reported Royal Society journal Proceedings B, the animals may be threatened by population growth and slash-and-burn agriculture according to scientists. Caecilians are very hard to spot as they live either underground or under leaf litter that lies on the soil.

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