Astronomers counted 65 gamma radiation sources of the unknown nature

Astrophysics carried out census of the objects giving gamma radiation with energy over 10 gigaelectronvolts. Among 514 sources independently stand 65: their nature still isn’t established. Data which allowed to make the new catalog, gathered on an extent of three years with help of the most perfect for today a gamma telescope. The gamma telescope of Fermi represents the specialized detector with help of which it is possible to register quanta with energy to hundred gigaelectronvolts. The authors of the new review emphasize that this energy is much more of that which the previous gamma observatories allowed to register. Many of the objects which have entered into it (the share of the such made 87 percent) were known and earlier, but then scientists didn’t know how these gamma radiation sources will look at supervision in the range over ten gigaelectronvolts. Most of all bright points in the sky left active kernels of galaxies in which supermassive black holes absorb plasma surrounding them.

Dangerous gamma-ray bursts of the dark lightnings

The scientists from Institute of technology of Florida found out that dark lightnings, which can’t almost be seen in clouds, can be extremely dangerous to the people being in planes. And the reason for that is the gamma radiation proceeding from them. Though, the scientists add that they yet didn’t reach a dangerous point. More than ten years ago, researchers found, that the thunder-storm can cause education short, but enough powerful bursts in gamma beams. These gamma-ray bursts are so bright, that can put out of action sensors of the satellites being for hundreds away. The concern causes, that fact that gamma-ray bursts can appear at those heights at which commercial planes usually fly. Attempts to find out, how dangerous is this gamma radiation for people were complicated by that scientists didn’t understand the reason of its education. The scientists in detail can describe, what occurs in black holes of remote galaxies, but they don’t understand what occurs in the storm clouds. By computer modeling the scientists drew a conclusion, that the exotic form of lightnings can be the reason of formation of radiation.

WISE Mission has Revealed More than 200 Blazars

With the help the data collected by NASA’s Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) astronomers are actively hunting a class of supermassive black holes throughout the universe called blazars. The mission has revealed more than 200 blazars.Blazars are among the most energetic objects in the universe. They consist of supermassive black holes actively “feeding,” or pulling matter onto them, at the cores of giant galaxies.

Unknown Sources of Gamma Rays Baffle Scientists

The universe is filled with high-energy radiation, much of which is made of gamma rays belched out by strange pulsing stars and the remnants of supernova explosions. But nearly one-third of all gamma-ray emitting objects seen to date defy identification. The objects were spotted by NASA’s Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope, which scans the entire sky over the course of three hours, mapping the powerful spectrum.