Scientists Have Discovered a New Organ in Humans Body

Nowadays we are facing different kinds of phenomena, that is to say different kinds of discoveries. Today we are going to inform you another discovery related to a human body, which may be arouse your interest.  The new organ that has discovered is called interstitium. Scientists from New York University’s School of Medicine published the findings on the interstitium in Scientific Reports after noticing the new organ in live samples.

Scientists begin testing of artificial human heart

Patients expect heart transplantation by months, and even for years. Only few from hundred on the average have an opportunity of change of a vital, and the others remain to teeter on the brink lives and death. But now, 15 years of laborious works later, in the market of transplantology there is a new artificial human heart –in a cover from cow meat. New artificial heart was created by the French company Carmat. All hopes that cow artificial heart will be better, than nowadays existing artificial organs. The matter is that all artificial hearts slowly wear out when their mechanical details come into contact to an internal structure of the person. Cow meat has to correct it.

Regeneration Muscle Tissue after Heart Attack

Duke University Medical Center scientists have discovered a way to turn the scar tissue that forms after cardiac arrest into healthy muscle tissue, which would make a stem cell transplant unnecessary. To achieve this, Duke University Medical Center scientists introduced microRNA to scar tissue cells in a living mouse. These hardened cells, called fibroblasts, develop as a result of a heart attack (Myocardial infarction (MI) or acute myocardial infarction (AMI)), and impede the organ’s ability to pump blood.