Alpen Bike Capsule Will Be Your Bike’s New Home

Alpen Bike Capsule Will Be Your Bike New Home

Alpen bike capsule has suggested a new way for protecting your bicycle. It will be a lovely home for your bike making your life easier. Alpen bike capsule has a neat design, waterproof bicycle storage, perfect for outside your home or inside a garage or building common area. According to their official website, “It protects your bike as never before without sacrificing valuable interior space. Reclaim your kitchen, bedroom, living room wall, or wherever you store your bike, and make the most of your outdoor, garage, or common space.

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Benefits of AI Artificial Intelligence for Tech Students

Benefits of AI Artificial Intelligence for Tech Students

Artificial Intelligence AI has many different descriptions, but it is defined as a machine completing complex tasks intelligently. AI has become a standard in schools and universities. It is a technology which comes to reality and it can already outperform humans in many ways. Furthermore , there are some benefits of Artificial Intelligence AI for Tech students which are very useful for them. Let’s find out some advantages and benefits of AI together.

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Google Helps to Analyze Drone Footage

Google Helps to Analyze Drone Footage

The US Defense Department is getting assistance from Google’s open-source AI software. The search giant’s AI will be helping the organization to analyze drone footage. First reported by Gizmodo, the tech giant has started up a pilot program with the Department of Defense’s Project Maven to develop AI that may quickly identify object classes from the extremely large amount of footage collected by drones and other ISR assets. Project Maven is also known the Algorithmic Warfare Cross-Functional Team (AWCFT). It is set up in April 2017 so that “accelerate DoD’s integration of big data and machine learning.” Google allows the US Department of Defense special access to TensorFlow, the company’s machine-learning software library, to help analyze photos from drones. Gizmodo says that some Google employees are not happy about providing their technology for military uses.

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Flying Submarine can follow Wildlife

According to a study published by the team, the EagleRay uses little energy, has all the secrecy of a submersible and the speed of an aircraft, and uses a passively flooding and draining wing and a single electric motor/propeller combination that works in both the sky and the sea. At about 55 inches (140 centimeters) long with a wingspan of 59 inches (150 centimeters), it’s far too small for people to ride inside, but it’s a step toward the fancy cars that science fiction is so fond of.

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The phone glove

Talk to the hand project – the phone glove

In frames of the project Talk to the hand the British designer Sean Miles in cooperation with O2 mobile network operator presented the phone glove, which is the glove and at the same time a font for the mobile phone. In a thumb of the phone glove the loudspeaker, and there is a microphone built in a little finger. Having connected the phone glove to the smartphone through Bluetooth and having as appropriate put fingers, the user can have telephone conversation. The electronic components placed in a glove, Miles borrowed from obsolete mobile phones. Gloves were taken from old collections of brands of Miu Miu and Pineider. The glove font became part of the Talk to the Hand project, which task is to draw attention to a problem of utilization of old phones.

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Zero Edge screens

Projective Pure Zero Edge screen from the Screen Innovations Company

The Screen Innovations Company filled up the popular series of projective Zero Edge screens with two models from a new material: the Pure White screen with strengthening 1.3 and the Pure Gray screen with strengthening 0.8. Both models have a firm frame of Zero Edge. The material, of which projective Pure White and Pure Gray Zero Edge screen made, is called as Micro Texture. Used for material creation the technology allows to do screens nine times thinner more smoothly, in comparison with the best development presented in the modern market. Besides, on assurances of the Screen Innovations, new models are capable to reproduce permission from 1080p to 8K and it not a limit of opportunities.

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Ruby - wireless router

Ruby wireless router with e ink display

At the CTIA 2013 exhibition Yota Devices presented a wireless router of Ruby. Feature of the device is the E-Ink display. Such display is usually used in electronic “eReaders”. On the black-and-white screen, which is in the lower part of Ruby, are displayed the accumulator charge, force of a signal and number of the devices connected to a router. The advantage of displays on e ink display is profitability: they spend the electric power only at the time of picture updating. The wireless router is equipped with the accumulator with a capacity of 2100 milliampere-hours. The battery is charged to seventy percent for an hour. Ruby promises to become one of the most “long-playing” routers of Yota: it can work till twelve o’clock if on the connected devices playing videos, till twenty four o’clock if web surfing, and till sixty o’clock in a waiting mode.

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The first robot bartender

Debut of the first robot bartender

Robots bartenders are not novelty, but attitudes towards them a little cool. To awaken to them interest, researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in cooperation with Coca-Cola and Bacardi Rum developed Makr Shakr. Makr Shakr is the robot specializing on mixing of drinks, which debuted at annual conference of the Google developers in San Francisco as the first-ever controlled robot bartender. It uses three hands and programmable system of mixing. Working “hand in hand”, they do drinks and distribute them with help of a set of conveyer belts. The user orders drinks by the appendix in the smartphone, but it not simply choice from in advance defined list. The robot bartender uses the Coca-Cola Freestyle technology for mixing of drinks, which can create more than hundred various mixes. Using the appendix, users can order the alcoholic and soft drinks complete with suitable ornament, which will mix up by means of standard shakers with use of specially developed manipulators.

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Yandex web browser

New web browser from Yandex

Today announced a new version Yandex Browser. The new version made with synchronization. All those data, which do the browser personal, are synchronized: bookmarks, expansions, settings of auto filling of forms, history and the sites fixed in the Board. For implementation of this decision used the Disk of Yandex technologies. Now each user will be able to open the browser on any computer. Modern browsers are not only simply programs which show a site on gathered in the address line URL. They have to help the person to be guided on the Internet. This task including is assumed by the Clever line into which it is possible to enter and search inquiries. On the page of delivery of a search engine the address line is necessary to the majority of users for continuation of search session. It will be so more clear that was looked for and that was, and the main thing, the person will have an opportunity to add and reformulate inquiry directly in omni-box. The searching works not only for Yandex, but also for any search engine, which supports the Opensearch standard.

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