Nanolet iPod Nano Bracelet

The iPod nano was designed to be an MP3 player, but due to its small form factor and watch-like appearance, accessory manufacturers have been busy putting out a variety of watch straps that allows the user to slot the iPod nano in place and wear it as a watch while doubling as an MP3 player at the same time.

ReFS File System for Windows Server 8

In his latest Building Windows 8 post, Steven Sinofsky introduces the Resilient File System, or ReFS, as a next generation file system built on the foundations of the NTFS. By reusing NTFS’ API / semantics engine, ReFS hopes to retain a high level of compatibility with NTFS features. ReFS will only be available inside Windows Server 8. Microsoft has plans to test it fully before making it available to Windows 8 client users. ReFS simply plugs into the storage stack like any existing file systems, and is built on the foundations of NTFS to maintain elements of compatibility.ReFS and Storage Spaces, a feature Microsoft detailed recently, were forged to complement each other for a complete storage system overhaul in Windows 8.

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