The Anonymous Hackers attacked the Evernote

Evernote is an internet service, where are stored the users text notes and documents of web pages, and the service has about 50 million visitors. Because of attack of the anonymous hackers the administration of Evernote was dumped all the passwords of users. The representatives of Evernote service claimed that the Investigation showed, that unknown persons had an opportunity to get access to the user data, including names of users and the e-mail address to which the accounts Evernote are connected.

Volkswagen is Working on Hover Car Concept

This Volkswagen hover car is a concept vehicle that is used for personal transportation in the same way a modern car is employed. You must steer it, like you would a normal vehicle, but the only difference is that it’s flying in the air. So far we’ve seen a few of them, in movies that is. But little did we know that Volkswagen is already working on a hover car concept. The German car maker challenged a few of the folks in China to submit their ideas of what the car of the future must look like.

Volta Volare GT4 Hybrid Airplane Available for Purchase

Volta Volaré has begun taking orders for its four-seater GT4 hybrid private aircraft it calls the most technologically advanced private aircraft available anywhere on Earth. Though the GT4 is perfectly capable of taking off and flying powered only electrically, a gas engine starts when the airplane’s battery drops to 25 percent capacity in order to recharge it mid-flight. Surprisingly, perhaps, Volta Volaré makes a strong economic case for the GT4.

Robotic Bird Successfully Perches on Human Hand

Researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have duplicated the control functions that allow birds to successfully perform a soft landing-in this case, perching on a human hand. By replicating the features that enable birds to make a soft landing, including the flapping wings that help them change direction, the researchers could develop the first micro aerial vehicle (MAV) capable of swooping down to perch on a human hand.

Organic Solar Panels Generates Electricity

German startup Heliatek has developed a new kind of solar panel made of small, organic molecules deposited on polyester films. The technology is similar to what’s used for OLED displays for phones and flat-screen TVs. The panels are flexible, and far lighter than conventional solar panels, yet in some locations, particularly where it’s hot or cloudy, they can generate just as much electricity as a conventional solar panel.

Babolat Rackets Play and Connect

Babolat has recently revealed a new high-tech racket that it thinks can revolutionize training for tennis. The company has called the racket in question the Play and Connect. The racket is packed with sensors and can be used primarily to analyze every aspect of a player’s swing and performance. In order to maintain the right feel that every athlete has for their rackets the company has found a way to pack the racket with sensors and technology but still make it like enough so it feels exactly like a normal albeit expensive tennis racket and is equally light.

BMW i8 Spyder Concept

BMW has unveiled its third concept, the i8 Spyder. Based on the i8 coupe that debuted last year alongside the i3 city car, the i8 Spyder is at once an obvious followup, but also appears to be a couple of steps closer to the production models that will eventually go on sale to the public. Like the coupe, the i8 Spyder is a plug-in through-the-road hybrid with a 96 kW (131 horsepower) electric motor up front powering the front axle and a mid-mounted turbocharged three-cylinder gas engine (presumably with a displacement of 1.5 liters like the coupe) producing 223 hp that powers the rear.

LG Begins Mass Production of World First Plastic E-Paper Display

LG Display, a leading manufacturer of thin-film transistor liquid crystal display, announced that it has started mass production of the world’s first plastic electronic paper display (EPD) for use in E-Books. The 6″ XGA (1024×768), e-ink, plastic EPD is expected to revolutionize the E-Book market with its advancements in functionality and design. The world’s first plastic EPD from LG Display offers users a paper-like reading experience with a plastic substrate that is as slim as cell phone protection film, and a flexible design that allows bending at a range of 40 degrees from the center of the screen.

ATEC Robot That Jumps 30 Feet

Boston Dynamics, creator of the very awesome BigDog and a menagerie of other bots, is sending two small reconnaissance robots to the U.S. Army for testing. Sand Flea and RHex, developed with funding from the Army’s Rapid Equipping Force, are off to the Army Test and Evaluation Command (ATEC) to pass safety and reliability assessments.Three RHex units have already been delivered to ATEC and Sand Fleas will join them later this year, Boston Dynamics said in a release.

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