Glasses that Able to Return Vision to the Blind people

Scientists at Oxford University have developed a “Smart Glasses” that allow hundreds of blind people to distinguish objects. Glasses are equipped with miniature cameras, LEDs and Pocket PC. The cameras capture images and transmit information to a computer. Miniature device processes the data and then sends signals to the owner glasses in the form of light flashes.

Car for the Blind Man

Since 2010, the Company Virginia Tech are developing a car that could manage the blind man. Driving will be done by the blind, and will not be sold to any external devices, as is sometimes suggested by other developers.In developing the model of the car was planned that the management is divided into three stages, receiving information on the surrounding environment by car, computer processing and transfering it to the driver to non-visual ways.

Personal Robot Luna

California telepresence company RoboDynamics recently created a new personal robot, called Luna.Luna is just over 5 feet tall and weighs 65 pounds. It has an 8-inch LCD screen, camera and microphone systems, as well as 10-bit wheel encoders and a PrimeSense 3D Sensor.

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