Now HTC phone users can donate processor power to scientific research

HTC announced at Mobile World Congress on Monday its new Power To Give project, which aims to donate processor power to scientific research. Planning on bringing together the power of millions of smartphones, the Android for altruism initiative is in the spirit of volunteer distributed computing, set to harness the collective processing power of Android smartphones. The distributed computing project involves a new Power To Give app, expected to land on Google Play shortly. How will this help? HTC’s promotional video, against a background music of gentle piano ripples, notes that research scientists all over the world are searching for answers to some of our biggest questions, such as designing new proteins to treat cancer or breaking down toxic compounds in the environment. With the HTC Power To Give initiative, the video tells viewers “you can help.”
After downloading the app, smartphone owners can select the research program of their choice, to divert a proportion of their phone’s processing power. HTC Power To Give will then run while the phone is charging and connected to a WiFi network.

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HTC One mini smartphone

HTC reduced the HTC One mini smartphone

HTC announced the HTC One mini smartphone — compact model of the leader of One. Weighing only 122 grams, the novelty is easier than the predecessor on 21 grams. However, on paper the device turns out not such tiny. It is lower than everything on 5,4 millimeters, already on 5 mm and is 0,5 mm thinner. However, mini can easily get into those pockets where big One wouldn’t be located. Their general impression about the smartphone such is that mini — is the same One, only small and not such powerful. Despite dimensions, HTC One mini has almost same functions, as his big brother: Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean), the aggregator of news of BlinkFeed, the same ultra pixel camera with Zoe mode support (shooting in the form of 3-second fragments) and records of video in the Full HD format. Also the edition praised high quality of assembly and the strong case cut from integral Kusa of aluminum. The mini screen and its permission is less, than at HTC One: 4,3 inches of HD (720р) with a density of 341 per inch against 4,7 inches of Full HD (1080р) and 468 ppi.

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