Snapchat Updated its New Features Creating 7 New Templates

Snapchat updated Lens Studio with a new feature that will allow users to create artists build face filters. If you like to take selfies especially using Snapchat, then this new feature will probably interest you.
The company mentioned that during two months, artists had submitted 30,000 of these lenses. Now, it is adding new features to build up its community of AR developers and, attract and keet users.

New IOS 11.3 Has Just Released with New Features

On Thursday, Apple released iOS 11.3, the latest update to its mobile operating system. The updated software came standard on Apple’s new 9.7-inch iPad declared this week, and is now available to download for iPhones and iPads. The iOS 11.3 update includes new features like improved augmented reality, new Animoji (if you have an iPhone X), and a beta version of iPhone Battery Health, which let you see information about your iPhone’s battery capacity and performance.

Upcoming iPhone Models May Have the Same Design as iphone X

Apple will start three iPhones in 2018, and they may have the same design as last year’s iPhone X say multiple independent sources. The notch which cuts into the top side of the display to make room for Face ID camera components, the speaker, and the new selfie camera will be found on all new models this coming September. And of course, that means no new iPhones will have a Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

Kaspersky Lab found new mobile trojan for iOS and Android smartphones

At the conference Going Underground in London, KL experts told that found new mobile trojan for iOS and Android, included in the platform to spy on users Remote Control Systems (RCS) from the company HackingTeam. Malicious modules are part of the platform RSC, also known as Galileo. HackingTeam company sells software licenses Galileo public, including law enforcement agencies. Trojans can transmit data about the location of the victim, take snapshots from cameras, copy the data from the calendar and information about new sim-cards, as well as to intercept calls and messages from Viber, WhatsApp and Skype.

Philips light bulbs controlled by Smartphone

The Philips company let out tools of the developer for Hue — personal wireless system of lighting. This system started its operation from October 2012. The tools will allow the programmers to create applications for iOS, also will help the producers of devices to produce household appliances supporting the work with system. In spite of the fact that the tools started using only on March 11, some developers had issued programs for Hue before this date. One of such programs, Ambify, forces lamps of Hue to change color of a luminescence in a step to music. Hue includes three LED lamps and the Wi-fi module. By installing the free program, the user can operate the Philips light bulbs from the Smartphone or a tablet. It is possible to change, for example, color and brightness of a luminescence or to include or switch off Philips light bulbs, being outside the apartment. The price of system is $199,95,the price for the additional lamps is $59. By the words of Philips, the life of Philips light bulbs is 15 thousand hours.

Curiosity Drilling Mars Surface

NASA’s Curiosity rover is preparing to use its drill to bore into a Martian rock in the coming days. The rover carried out “pre-load” testing on January 27, placing the drill tip on a series of four locations on the rock and pressing down to test whether the amount of force applied to the hardware matches predictions formulated by NASA engineers. The team next planned to have Curiosity conduct an overnight pre-load test, into Monday morning January 28, to gain assurance that the large temperature change from day to night at the location doesn’t add excessive stress on the arm while pressing on the drill.