iPod Nano Bracelet

Nanolet iPod Nano Bracelet

The iPod nano was designed to be an MP3 player, but due to its small form factor and watch-like appearance, accessory manufacturers have been busy putting out a variety of watch straps that allows the user to slot the iPod nano in place and wear it as a watch while doubling as an MP3 player at the same time.

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PhotoFast USB-drive

PhotoFast has created a USB-drive with the 30-pin dock connector. On the one side аt i-FlashDrive is a standard USB-connector for connecting to PCs and other compatible equipment, and on the other side is 30-pin dock connector of Apple. Inside of small plastic box mounted chip of flash memory with a total capacity of up to 32 GB. With the help of this there is an opportunity to share information between PC and iPhone, iPod touch or iPad to bypass iTunes.PhotoFast published in the App Store a special file manager for i-FlashDrive and his chances are quite wide.This unusual accessory will go on sale this month with the prices ranging from $ 95 for 8-gigabyte model to $ 180 for a 32-gigabyte.

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Apple App Store

Apple Unveils Subscription Service On App Store

Apple unveiled a subscription service on Tuesday for digital newspapers and magazines purchased through its online App Store.The company said that music and video subscriptions will also be available through the App Store and will be subject to the same terms and conditions as newspaper and magazine subscriptions.Apple will take a 30-percent cut of the revenue for subscriptions sold through applications featured in its App Store.However, there will be no revenue sharing for digital subscriptions sold through a publisher’s own website.But Apple said in a statement “that same subscription offer must be made available, at the same price or less” to customers who wish to subscribe from within an application.

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