Pacific Reef Shark Populations in Steep Decline

According to scientists reef sharks have dropped sharply near populated islands in the Pacific Ocean. The survey by the University of Hawaii showed that the numbers were drastically lower near populated islands in Hawaii, the Mariana Archipelago and American Samoa, compared to more pristine, remote areas in the ocean. As said lead author Marc Nadon from the Joint Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Research at the University of Hawaii they estimate that reef shark numbers have dropped substantially around populated islands, generally by more than 90 percent compared to those at the most untouched reefs.

Greek Island Shows Signs of Volcanic Activity

The volcanic caldera on the picturesque tourist island of Santorini is showing signs of unrest. But researchers detecting the caldera’s movement say it doesn’t necessarily mean an eruption is imminent. As says Georgia Tech associate professor Andrew Newman, who set up more than 20 GPS stations on the island in 2006, after decades of little activity, a series of earthquakes and deformation began within the Santorini caldera in January of 2011. Since then, the instruments on the northern part of the island have moved laterally between five and nine centimeters.