For The First Time Scientists Achieve Liquid Light at Room Temperature

For The First Time, Scientists Achieve Liquid Light at Room Temperature

This is the first time, when scientists get Liquid Light at Room Temperature. This matter is both a superfluid, which has zero friction and viscosity, and a kind of Bose-Einstein condensate, mentions As we know the light acts like a wave, and sometimes like a particle, always travelling in a straight line. That’s why human’s eyes can’t see around corners or objects. (But under extreme conditions, light can also act like a liquid Liquid Light and actually flow around objects).

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The speed of light

New Studies for Calculation of the speed of light

Since the days of Einstein, physicists have the theory that the speed by which the light travels through a vacuum is constant. But two new studies proves that the space is not vacuum, so the speed of light isn’t constant. These studies was suggested by the physicists from Paris University by leading of Marcel Urban and the researchers Gerd Leuchs and Luis Sánchez-Soto from Max Planck Institute. The study of Urban, suggests that the space teems with virtual particles, which possess energy levels. But the study of Leuchs and Sánchez-Soto think that the electrical and magnetic fields of those particles can impact the light, during its traveling through them. This impaction will slow the speed of the light.

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Volcanic Lightning

Lightning Volcanic Eruption

Some time ago there was an eruption of a Japanese Sakurajima volcano, which threw out melted lava with huge force. This process was accompanied with volcanic lightning. It looks unusually: clouds of a black smoke and lightning escaping from them. The photographer of Martin Rietze could capture this volcanic lightning eruption. There is no consensus among the scientists regarding the formation of volcanic lightning during the eruption. The question connected with the formation of usual lightning, is still in a stage of studying. But the reasons of emergence of volcanic lightning is even less clear. According to the hypotheses, thrown-out bubbles of magma or a volcanic ash carries an electric charge. But volcanic lightning can be formed by collisions as a result directing a charge in a volcanic dust. The scientists found two versions of volcanic lightning.

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Philips light bulbs

Philips light bulbs controlled by Smartphone

The Philips company let out tools of the developer for Hue — personal wireless system of lighting. This system started its operation from October 2012. The tools will allow the programmers to create applications for iOS, also will help the producers of devices to produce household appliances supporting the work with system. In spite of the fact that the tools started using only on March 11, some developers had issued programs for Hue before this date. One of such programs, Ambify, forces lamps of Hue to change color of a luminescence in a step to music. Hue includes three LED lamps and the Wi-fi module. By installing the free program, the user can operate the Philips light bulbs from the Smartphone or a tablet. It is possible to change, for example, color and brightness of a luminescence or to include or switch off Philips light bulbs, being outside the apartment. The price of system is $199,95,the price for the additional lamps is $59. By the words of Philips, the life of Philips light bulbs is 15 thousand hours.

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Lightning Forming

15000 volts and wood may help to observate Lightning Forming

It is very difficult to catch a form of each separate lightning for a short period during the observation of lightning in the sky. But if to direct 15 000 volts on a leaf of multilayered plywood, it is possible to observe the “formation” in details. The student of New York Pratt Institute Melanie Hoff recorded a video, which allows to observe the formation of difficult structures and figures of Likhtenberg. The figures of Likhtenberg are known for a long time, they represent models of distribution of spark channels which are formed on the dielectric surface. For the first time supervision over distribution of spark channels was observed scientific by G.K.Likhtenberg in 1777 in honor of which this phenomenon and received his name.

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NanoLight Energy Efficient light bulbs

The Most Energy Efficient light bulbs from NanoLight

Creators of nano lights made ​​a complete revolution in the field of energy conservation. Using only 12 watts of electricity innovative light bulbs are able to produce 1600 lumens of light, the equivalent of an ordinary light bulbs 100 watts. This is a completely new technology, which has already surpassed all the world’s LED or energy saving technologies. Experts have found out that for the price this lamp is much more advantageous, since about 30 replaces conventional light bulbs or energy-efficient light bulbs 4.

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Chinese Gigantic Lightning

Chinese Science Bulletin magazine published an article regarding the observation of lightning over the China. This huge lightning appeared in the upper atmosphere in Chinese district Shandong in 2010. The scientists installed the camera with infrared channel, which direction in real time was corrected by the WWLLN (International system of monitoring of electric activity). The scientists succeeded to record the lightning by using this camera. According to researchers, the upper bound of the lightning reached 89 kilometers over the earth, and bottom was at the level of 52 kilometers. Scientists estimated its energy at some million mega joules.

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Mexican alien skull

Alien Skull Found in Mexico

Archaeologists from the University of Arizona found in the North of Mexico strange elongated skulls age of about 1000 years. Archaeologists Found the skeletons of 25 people, 13 of which were extended as a result of deformation of the skull. With a light hand of journalists of The Huffington Post and The Daily Mail skulls have already get the name “Mexican alien” by analogy with the well-known film Ridley Scott. Archaeologists still do not know what social class were buried. It is not clear why some of them had a decoration, while others do not. Moreover, in the group of 25 people was only one woman, as well as scientists consider it not quite ordinary. South American cultures such as the Maya and Inca practiced cranial deformation – and the practice was also known in Germany and Ancient Greece. The new find is unique in the region – although such elongated skulls have been found at numerous sites throughout south America.

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Tokyoflash Watch Space Digits

Tokyoflash Watch Space Digits

Tokyoflash has unveiled a new uniquely styled watches this week with the launch of the Kisai Space Digits LCD Watch, which has been inspired by intergalactic travel. Tokyoflash watch displays the time and date digitally on one screen, and is easy to read once you take a minute to study the watch face, or watch the video after the jump which explains everything.On the Tokyoflash watch the time is displayed in hours and minutes using digits and is read from left to right, and the date – month and day, is displayed from top to bottom. As well as time and date, Tokyoflash watch has also equipped with a built in alarm, an EL backlight and a custom designed ‘warp speed’ animation which will send the display into a spin every 15 minutes.

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