FMRI may help The Scientists to observe Human Brain

The scientists of Cornell University discovered that it is possible to know, who a person is thinking about. It is possible by analyzing images of a brain of person. The team of scientists demonstrated, that the people’s mental models produce patterns of the activation of the brain. The team of scientists asked the participants to learn personalities of four different people. With the different scenarios, the 19 young adults were asked to imagine how the person can respond to the scenario.

Magnetic Waves As the Source of Extra Energy in the Sun’s Corona

Magnetic waves known as Alfvén waves from the cool lower solar atmosphere had long been proposed as the source, but there had been scant evidence that such waves were powerful and abundant enough to power the corona.Now an international team of scientists has discovered these waves may be far more profuse and up to more than 100 times stronger than before seen, potentially delivering about 10,000 times more energy overall to the corona than ever detected