LightBeam Pico Projector Turns any Surface into Interactive Display

LightBeam is pico projector that uses a webcam to track and reorient its display to suit any ad hoc surface, the piece of paper in your hand, the cover of a book, or the picture frame on your desk. The technology was developed by German researchers at the Darmstadt Technical University. Working prototype of LightBeam systems was constructed based on the Microsoft Kinect and a special camera that allows the system to create an interactive projection. Аs а tools of system controlling can be used any ordinary objects, which affords rotation, like glass or water bottles. Fore more information watch video below.

New Platform Kinect Shop

Specialists of Razorfish created a new platform, called Kinect Shop, designed for virtual shopping, which can help to save time and energy to all fans to shop. Shopping becomes easy and affordable for all platform’s users, who can buy a particular goods without irritated.The platform is based on the game system of Microsoft Kinect.