5G Mobile Networks will come in 2019

Eighteen global carriers will start 5G speed trials in 2018, using a new Qualcomm modem that’s built to handle huge amounts of data at almost instantaneous speeds. The list includes Verizon, AT&T and Sprint in the US; Orange, BT and Vodafone in the UK and Telstra in Australia.

New type of mobile CPU Intel Silvermont three times as fast and more energy efficient

Intel has hopes on the new chip under the name Silvermont, which will help to change the mobile world. The chip with use by 22-nanometer architecture of Intel SoC of process is made and can brag the 3-D Tri-Gate of transistors. As Intel claims the architecture of Silvermont provides three times big productivity in comparison with the current generation of Atom processors or will provide the same productivity, consuming five times less than energy. The new architecture is focused on mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and automobile information and entertaining systems. On the basis of Intel Silvermont will be constructed the platform for micro servers and networks of communication infrastructure. The microarchitecture of Silvermont can brag the new mechanism of the extraordinary execution, new multinuclear system, which is scaled to eight kernels, support of division of energy between kernels of the processor and the graphic processor. Products on the basis of Intel Silvermont will start appearing in the second half of year.