The algorithm turning the mobile phone into the echolocation

The American physicists developed special algorithm which will allow turning the mobile phone with a stereo microphone into the peculiar echolocation. The echolocation algorithm is capable to receive exact three-dimensional “mold” of the room on a sound of click of fingers. By the words of Ivan Docmanic (from Federal polytechnic school of Switzerland in Lausanne) their program can construct a three-dimensional map of the room with the permission in millimeter. Each microphone can catch both source sounds, and their echo. This program compares data from these microphones, and, being guided by delays in perception of sounds, calculates not only distance between them, but also a distance to walls and a sound source.

Now everyone will be able to send messages to space

On July 18 the Lone Signal Company will send photos and text messages to space from mobile phones. The messages will be broadcast towards a star to Gliese 526, which is the red dwarf in Bootes constellation. There are planets round it, which atmosphere is similar to the terrestrial address. For throwing a signal rather far, Lone Signal rented a radio telescope of Jamesburg for thirty years. For the first time the ciphered message was sent towards a star congestion in Oat-flakes constellation, at distance of 25,000 light years from Earth. It went to space from a radio telescope of observatory of Aresibo (Puerto Rico) in November, 1974. The distance of Gliese 526 is 17,6 light years, and by 2050 we will be able to receive the answer.

Wireless Speakers Sound of Light

Specialists from American company Gizmag have created device which allows to make a wireless speaker of any light source. They gave it name Sound of Light. Sound of Light installed in standard electro cartridges without any problems and allow to twist the usual light bulbs. To transfer the sound using a wireless transmitter, operating at 2.4 GHz

Mobile Phones that will Charge from the Fire

The Japanese producer TES New Energy invented a new device for charging mobile handheld devices, mobile phones.This new gadget, called Hatsuden-Nabe, will allow to charge some device from a pot of boiling water or burning fire.The effect of this gadget is based on the thermoelectric conversion, which will turn the heat of boiling liquid and fire into electrical energy.