Elastic touch screen

Elastic touch screen – new generation of flexible displays

The touch screens are rather convenient invention of the person. But, unfortunately, their form is rather static: it is only flat screen, though touch. But, it is quite possible, that now everything will change. Researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology of Dary Dend and Rob Hemsli created the revolutionary flexible display, which they designated as the elastic display. Feature of the flexible display is that it is capable to change a form then without effort to come back to an initial condition. Screen surface so elastic, that the user can extend it, press and squeeze. The principle of work consists in the following. There is a 3D projector from above the display, which role consists in tracking of manipulations, which are made by the person.

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ZeroTouch multi touch system

Students from A & M University have developed a new touch screen, which they called ZeroTouch. Screen, is expected to be formally presented at the conference Computer Human Interaction (CHI), which will be held in Vancouver.According to Jonathan Miller, an analyst Ecology Lab

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