Foxconn device on Mozilla Firefox operating system

Foxconn will release the device on Mozilla Firefox operating system

The Taiwan Company Hon Hai Precision Industry, which is also known as for Foxconn, in cooperation with Mozilla non-profit organization developed the mobile device on the Firefox operating system operating system. The Foxconn and Mozilla device will present on joint press action in Taipei on Monday, June 3. The type of the device doesn’t reveal, however according to Focus Taiwan it will be a tablet. Foxconn becomes the fifth partner of Mozilla among the companies, which are producers of devices. Earlier to release devices on Firefox operating system promised Alcatel, Huawei, LG and ZTE. Besides, Mozilla agreed about distribution of devices on this system with 18 mobile network operators.

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Smartphone based on the Sailfish operating system

The first smartphone based on the Sailfish operating system

The Finnish company Jolla, announced the first smartphone on the Sailfish OS operating system on Monday May 20. The device has a dual-core processor, the 4,5-inch screen, the 8-megapixel camera and 16 gigabytes of internal memory. It is capable to be connected to the LTE networks, however supports not all ranges of frequencies. Color replaceable plastic panels became feature of the device. The smartphone automatically arranges a color subject of the screen under color of the panel. The device will go on sale until the end of 2013. At first Jolla will sell it in Europe, but later the device will start delivering and to other regions.

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Google Chromebook Pixel

Google Chromebook Pixel

It’s been two weeks that Google unveiled the Google Chromebook Pixel. This is amazing device with stylish design. The Chromebook Pixel is the first device, which is not made by Apple. This device operates only with Chrome operating system. The Google Chromebook Pixel is a laptop in which is mixed the best hardware, software and innovative design.The Chromebook Pixel has a delightful display with high resolution, the 12.85” fantastic touch screen, with 4,3 million pixels. The weight of this device is 3,3 pounds, which is 6 ounces more than 13-inch MacBook. The case of Chromebook Pixel is made from dark aluminum, and looks like a computer Harley Davidson.

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Kuratas Robot

Kuratas Robot Controlled by iPhone

A Japanese company called Suidobashi Heavy Industries recently revealed its 13-foot mech robot named Kuratas. Kuratas is the brainchild of artist Kogoro Kurata and robotics researcher Wataru Yoshizaki. Kuratas can be controlled in three ways – either through a controller, a master slave, or an iPhone. The robot runs on an operating system called V-Sido and it is outfitted with a launcher and a twin Gatling gun.

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Samsung Unveils Galaxy S III Smartphone

Samsung has launched its Galaxy S III smartphone, which it hopes will help solidify the company as the leading challenger to Apple and its iPhone 4S. The new smartphone, with a whopping 4.8-inch screen and an 8-megapixel camera, was unveiled at a slick launch party in London on Thursday. Billed by Samsung as having been designed for humans, the phone features voice and eye-recognition technology that the company hopes will set the handset ahead of its rivals in the crowded smartphone market.

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