3Doodler The World’s First 3D Printing Pen

Users of Kickstarter was able to invest a new project – 3D printing pen 3Doodler, which will allow you to create three dimensional objects in the air. Within hours, the project was able to collect 530.000 $, though initially needed was 30.000 $,according to manufacturer the pen on sale will appear in the autumn of this year, and its cost will be 75 $. The creators have promised that everyone who transferred 75 $ or more will be presented to 3d printing pen. Create three-dimensional figures using this pen is quite simple: the user holding the pen in his hand, “paints” it in space, creating a three-dimensional figures. The device weighs about 200 grams,it is depending by the electricity. 3Doodler visually resembles gun filled with hot glue. Plastic pen tucked ABS / PLA, then its heating up to 270 degrees, after which liquid plastic goes through the top of a metal tip. At this stage, the pen is powered by electricity and depends on the socket, but then the developers promise to build a device that will run on batteries.