Sony and Panasonic will develop an optical disk of new generation

The Sony and Panasonic companies concluded the cooperation agreement in area of development of an optical disk of the new generation intended for long-term storage of information. Sony and Panasonic will combine the efforts and technological practices belonging to them for joint achievement of a common goal — development and start in production of an optical disk with a capacity at least 300 Gb intended for professional use. The companies while continue negotiations on specifications and parameters of future format of data recording. Sony and Panasonic intend to finish development of a disk of a new format with a capacity of 300 Gb by the end of 2015. According to representatives of the companies, the main destination of the carriers possessing such qualities, as moisture and frost resistance, ability to maintain differences of temperatures — to be a basis for creation of long-term storages of information.

Digital Dash Prototype for Future Cars

Panasonic Cockpit Digital Dash, presented by Japanese developers earlier this month in the exhibition Ceatec Japan, already interested members of Citroen. The new version of the Citroen C4 special “features” of the dashboard, and, in particular, the projection screen has been improved at the expense of opportunities for individualisation

Battery Charger Panasonic BG-BL01 on Solar Cells

In Japan, Panasonic has introduced a new battery charger on solar cells. Model BG-BL01 uses solar panels on the type of those that are installed on the roofs of most modern homes.With dimensions of 152 mm x104 mm x24 mm, the device weighs just 150 grams.BG-BL01 has an USB-compliant interface for charging gadgets, a slot for two AA-batteries and three LED lights.