3Doodler The World’s First 3D Printing Pen

Users of Kickstarter was able to invest a new project – 3D printing pen 3Doodler, which will allow you to create three dimensional objects in the air. Within hours, the project was able to collect 530.000 $, though initially needed was 30.000 $,according to manufacturer the pen on sale will appear in the autumn of this year, and its cost will be 75 $. The creators have promised that everyone who transferred 75 $ or more will be presented to 3d printing pen. Create three-dimensional figures using this pen is quite simple: the user holding the pen in his hand, “paints” it in space, creating a three-dimensional figures. The device weighs about 200 grams,it is depending by the electricity. 3Doodler visually resembles gun filled with hot glue. Plastic pen tucked ABS / PLA, then its heating up to 270 degrees, after which liquid plastic goes through the top of a metal tip. At this stage, the pen is powered by electricity and depends on the socket, but then the developers promise to build a device that will run on batteries.

Lernstift Digital Pen Based on Linux

Lernstift digital pen notifies the user about all cases of misspellings. The pen works on the basis of Linux. Special sensors track the movement and allow to detect errors, and in case of their detection comes vibrating signal. Lernstift works in two modes: Calligraphy Mode and Orthography Mode. In the mode of calligraphy pen notifies the error in calligraphy, and in the orthography mode identifies spelling and grammar errors. There are two varieties of digital pen. So, the first generation of devices should appear in the middle of 2013. It will be handle with motion sensors and the system, to identify the words.

Asteroid Apophis or Apoph is Getting Closer to the Earth

Apophis previously known as 2004 MN4, a member of the Aten group of near-Earth asteroids which had been estimated by NASA as having a 1 in 5500 chance of striking the Earth in 2029. Concealing the energy of 65,000 atomic bombs asteroid Apophis with a mass of 50 million tonnes and a diameter of 320 meters will cross the orbit of the moon and rush to the Earth with a speed of 45 thousand miles per hour. In a collision of Apophis might do unseen troubles.

Japanese Neuroscientists Learned to Read Dreams

Japanese neuroscientists have learned to anticipate the visual content of dreams. Results of their work, scientists reported on neurobiological conference in New Orleans. Experiments were carried out in blocks of three hours for a few weeks. Volunteers were placed in a scanner, where they were to sleep. Once in the brain, the experiment participants are beginning to have characteristic electrical activity of the onset of sleep, they woke and asked about the content of the dream. Within an hour, spends six to seven cycles of sleep and waking, but only one of the volunteers told about the content of their dreams about 200 times.

Engineers Developed Ultra Thin Water Soluble Electronics

A team of research engineers from Tufts University, University of Illinois and Northwestern University have developed ultra-thin electronic devices that can dissolve in the body. As scientists say the new invention “Water Soluble electronics” can be widely used in medical applications. According to a study published in the journal «Science», the unit is fully “dissolve” after you have made all scheduled functions. The transient electronics are made of nanomembranes of silicon and magnesium oxide that are printed with circuitry much like a PCB, offering robust performance very similar to conventional electronics. Silicone is water-soluble but to prevent immediate disintegration, components are covered in silk.

Jaguar XKX Roadster Concept

Design Studio Skyrill, located in the capital Manama, Bahrain, presented Jaguar XKX Roadster Concept designed by the legendary sports car Jaguar E-Type 1961 release. Brothers Ali and Hussein Almossavi, owners of an independent design studio Skyrill, located in the capital Manama, Bahrain, in collaboration with the Albanian designer Marina Muftii introduced the concept of Jaguar XKX, which is based on the known model of Jaguar E-Type, launched into production back in 1961, and became one of the automotive legends. Jaguar E-Type (or Jaguar XK-E) is very successful for its time, sports “supercar”. Given a much smaller and cooler power plant than conventional, the aerodynamics was conceived in a new innovative way. The side deflector intakes of the front were made broader, so a much larger amount of air does not get stuck by the engine, instead, it flows behind the front wheels, getting out behind them and sliding along the doors and then taking another shortcut through the rear wheels and out from the big rear openings, greatly reducing the total flowing path and subsequently drag. Almost 60% of the energy used by a typical car at highway speeds is spent to counter air friction. Obviously, that is A LOT of energy spent for a function that is indispensable, but not the primary (to push the vehicle forward).

Pen Where Used Silver Instead of Ink

Researchers from the University of Illinois created a ballpoint pen, where used silver instead of the usual ink. It lets you draw circuit diagrams on plain paper, wood or any other surface.The main advantage of such pen is the possibility of replacing expensive printers with more cheaper instrument for the letter.

Magic Stick Smart Pen

DinoDirect.com presented his version of intelligent digital pen, called Magic Stick Smart Pen, that can work in tandem with the iPad, iPhone, PCs and laptops. It consists of itself pens and block, where to hide all the electronics, which tracks hand’s movements, and which should be attached to the top of the sheet of paper on which to write