Finally, Google Home speakers reach in the UK

Finally Google Home speakers reach in the UK

Now Google Home speakers are available in the UK which let Brits make hands-free voice calls. The announcement was declared at Google I/O 2017 and came in usage in the US last August. How can you start using the Google Home speakers? Just say “Ok Google” or “Hey Google” and then you can start. There is no need your Phone because the Google speaker is able to use Google contacts as an address book and make the call over Wi-Fi.  Google Home speakers recognize up to six different users in the UK.

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Google Smart watch

Google will launch Smart Watch

It seems that the boom of smart watches is going on, because the company Google , like the Samsung and Apple, is working in creation the smart watches. Google is new company for stepping into the watch world. This Google smart watch will be developed by the Android. This means, that the company plans to get a consumer product on a speedier timeline. Google gave the patent application for smart watch in 2011. Smart watch will have number of useful functions, such as to give instructing, to receive information about products, and also to send notices by e-mail. On the other hand, Google already took important steps in development of the Google Glass project. The device is always at the user, ready to instruct here and now. Besides, it is convenient and necessary.

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AstroDrone iPhone App

AstroDrone – new iPhone app from The European Space Agency

The European Space Agency (ESA), issued a new free app for iPhone. By this program the iPhone turned into the “home drone” controller of spacecraft. The users of Parrot Ar.Drone quadcopter, can use additional reality methods, to make the attempt dockings with a simulated International Space Station (ISS) for real. Also the app helps to improve more robotic methods in the game. This app named AstroDrone, is a part of the European Space Agency (ESA)’s new scientific project, which will teach the robots to navigate environments. The new app will help the scientists to test the crowdsource process in practice. For the result the the European Space Agency (ESA) wants to have more autonomous spacecraft, which can reliably maneuver.

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Sony X05 headphones

Sony unveiled X05 Headphones

At 28th of February Sony unveiled a new product – X05 Headphones – the next generation of headphones. This headphone has a lighter and more compact design, but the features are still same. The features are- 40 mm drivers, neodymium magnets, from 4 up to 24000 Hz Frequency Response, the weight is approximately 8.29 ounces, ship with a comfortable case. There is a 1.2 meter flat cord with a headphone, inline remote with volume control for Apple products. Also The X05 Headphones has an Omni-Directional Microphone.

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Samsung Galaxy Grand

Galaxy Grand 5-Inch smartphone from Samsung

Samsung has announced a new 5-inch smartphone called the Galaxy Grand. The South Korean company announced the Galaxy Grand early Tuesday morning. The phone is similar to the Samsung Galaxy Note II, the company’s 5.5-inch-screen phone that is available from most U.S. carriers for $300 on a new contract. Samsung declined to say how the device would be priced, but mid-range smartphones typically sell for about $100 to $150 with a contract. Middle-of-the-road Android handset featuring a 5-inch WVGA display with 800-by-480-pixel resolution, a 1.2GHz dual-core processor. Samsung GALAXY Grand runs Android 4.1.2. Samsung Galaxy Grand will be available in two versions, including a dual-SIM version that will allow users to operate two phone numbers at once, as well as make and receive calls from each specific number. The handset will also include several Samsung-specific features, like Direct Call, which enables users to dial a number by raising the handset up to their ear, and Popup Video, which allows users to watch a video in a pop-up window despite the task on hand.

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Google Electronic Payment System

Google Electronic Payment System

One of the world’s leading IT-industry, Google has decided to permanently settle in the mobile payment systems. Google Electronic Payment System was started rather late, in 2011. Nevertheless, the company is actively engaged in business not only in the field of Internet services, but also in the mobile sector (this is the most common worldwide OS smartphone Android, and develop their own portable electronics), collected in the years to compete with local companies representing services in the area of electronic commerce. In order to make the payment, you will need a smart phone which supports NFC technology that is running Google Wallet. Some e-commerce systems can be tied to your account various bank cards, which makes it conduct a transaction.

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Kuratas Robot

Kuratas Robot Controlled by iPhone

A Japanese company called Suidobashi Heavy Industries recently revealed its 13-foot mech robot named Kuratas. Kuratas is the brainchild of artist Kogoro Kurata and robotics researcher Wataru Yoshizaki. Kuratas can be controlled in three ways – either through a controller, a master slave, or an iPhone. The robot runs on an operating system called V-Sido and it is outfitted with a launcher and a twin Gatling gun.

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Samsung III

Samsung Galaxy S III replaces TV remote,hotel check-in, keycard and AC control

Samsung Electronics announced an hotel hospitality solution for the new Holiday Inn London Stratford City, situated next to the Olympic Park. Samsung has partnered with Fingi Inc., a Samsung Enterprise Alliance Program partner, to enable Holiday Inn London Stratford City to offer residents’ a full suite of hotel services, remote control of room settings and a special Samsung & Holiday Inn ‘Olympic Newsletter’ with the latest updates from London 2012 – all on the new GALAXY S III Smartphone. Holiday Inn, owned by InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG), is the Official Hotel Services Provider to the London 2012 Olympics.The joint solution combines the GALAXY S III with a fully customizable app to provide a complete connectivity and room control solution. The mobile solution provides a flexible, scalable and easy-to-install solution through a downloadable Holiday Inn for Android app.

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Organic Solar Panels Generates Electricity

German startup Heliatek has developed a new kind of solar panel made of small, organic molecules deposited on polyester films. The technology is similar to what’s used for OLED displays for phones and flat-screen TVs. The panels are flexible, and far lighter than conventional solar panels, yet in some locations, particularly where it’s hot or cloudy, they can generate just as much electricity as a conventional solar panel.

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