With the help of his aircraft Yves Rossy could fly like a bird.With 4 jet engines, with specially constructed wings and suit, he launches them after jumping from an airplane or a helicopter and flies. Drawing a parallel between the management of other aircraft, Rossy’s suit doesn’t have steering control. In order to control the direction of flight, he uses his own body, arching into the right position.The flight speed is 300 km / h at an altitude of 3 km

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Personal Flying Car SoloTrek

The command of engineers headed by aircraft engineers Michael Mosher and Robert Belga expects to building of passenger hybrid aeromobiley.The car will be the second and improved model of the passenger car with vertical take off and landing SoloTrek XFV which the command has developed earlier.The newest working out will be based on the same technology which engineers used in SoloTrek. Now the group searches for someone for financing of the projects.

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