Printer that Removes Inks from the Paper

Kim Soo Young has developed the concept of the printer, called Ink Remover, that removes ink from paper.This is a new concept that believes in the reverse process. Printer Ink Remover uses laser technology to clean the ink. This new device give you opportunity to reuse the old memos to print new ones.It is very easy to use.

The World’s Fastest Color Printer Machjet LPP6010N

Copmany LG Electronics and Memjet, joint efforts, release the world’s fastest color printer A4 – Machjet LPP6010N.This printer is capable to producing 60 pages per minute printing with a resolution of 1600x800dpi. This was possible through the technology PSA (Page Straight Array), developed by Memjet.The technology PSA (Page Straight Array) focuses around 70 000 nozzles for one print head, that allows the printer to deliver to the page more than 700 million drops of ink per second

New Innovation for iPhone

The freelance designer Mac Funamizu suggest his new innovation,Sofie.It’s an iPhone case capable of printing photos, which working as a Polaroid Printer. Users could have the chance to print their favourite photos as soon as they have taken them.Sofie is actually an iPhone accessory that fits neatly around the iPhone.The only defects of Sofie will be the size of the mobile printer and the number of photos, which it can print. But of course the mobile printer can’t be very big.