Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is Coming On August 9

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is Coming On August 9

Samsung has announced that on August 9 is going to be released Galaxy Note 9. The Note was designed as an experiment, to see if an ultra-large “business” style Android phone could catch on. “When we originally launched the Galaxy Note series, we had a feeling that business professionals would love it,” says BJ Kang of Samsung’s global planning team. It wasn’t only business heads that turned. Over the years, the Note has come to be regarded as the best handset in the Galaxy line-up”.

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New Updated Gear IconX Earbuds are Just Released

New Updated Gear IconX Earbuds Are Just Released

Samsung has just announced updated Gear IconX software (2018). If you cannot imagine your life without any headphone because you need listening to music during on your way or just during reading, working or even cleaning the house, therefore these new updated earbuds are for you. We are going to introduce you some updated features related to Gear IconX software which may arouse your interest. Samsung’s Gear IconX headphones were made for those users who are always on the move, and need a software that can keep up.

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Samsung Galaxy S6

What is New on Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung unveiled the new Galaxy S6 on March 1 in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress.The Samsung Galaxy S6 is more powerful and feature-rich than their predecessor. Samsung Galaxy S6 using two processors: one quad-core 2.1-GHz and one quad-core 1.5-GHz. In theory, this will allow it to handle more applications with greater precision. It will also offer 3GB RAM and storage options of 32, 64, or 128GB and come with Android 5.0 Lollipop OS.

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5G tested by Samsung

Superfast wireless network 5G tested by Samsung

Samsung carried out tests of technology of wireless data transmission of the fifth generation. According to the company, thanks to 5G it managed to transfer data with speed more than a gigabyte a second on distance of two kilometers. Whether, there is a speech about the settled or peak speed of data transmission on a wireless network, isn’t specified. 64 antennas were involved in test for transfer and signal reception. As expected, the new technology will be available to commercial use not earlier than 2020. Thus completely modified network 5G will support exchange of information at speeds, in hundreds times of 4G-networks exceeding opportunity. 4G supports data transmission with a speed up to hundred megabits a second for mobile subscribers and to gigabit per second for stationary.

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Samsung brainwave technology

Samsung touchless tablet with brainwave technology

The researchers from University of Texas have plan to involve EEG caps, which uses the energy of brainwave for controlling tablets and smartphones. Samsung also is a partner of researchers of this plan of brainwave technology. In stage of stream, a complement is unwieldy and directed during disabilities, though, Samsung submits alternative methods, and this can be a judicious conclusion. The participants asked to carry capital letters of EEG, which is the magnitude electric activity along their scalp. Then they mean to do selections with focusing on an idol, which flashes during the magnitude graphic, that a complement recognizes as an electrical pattern. The correct complement is in a ballpark from 80 to 95 percent, and the users are means to do selections during each 5 seconds. As a result, for making the complement approachable, the researchers want to raise EEG hats, which are more available and reduction.

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Google Smart watch

Google will launch Smart Watch

It seems that the boom of smart watches is going on, because the company Google , like the Samsung and Apple, is working in creation the smart watches. Google is new company for stepping into the watch world. This Google smart watch will be developed by the Android. This means, that the company plans to get a consumer product on a speedier timeline. Google gave the patent application for smart watch in 2011. Smart watch will have number of useful functions, such as to give instructing, to receive information about products, and also to send notices by e-mail. On the other hand, Google already took important steps in development of the Google Glass project. The device is always at the user, ready to instruct here and now. Besides, it is convenient and necessary.

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Samsung Wristwatch Concept

Samsung Wrist watch

Samsung Electronics is developing a new device like a wrist watch. The company didn’t give any information regarding new device. This wearable digital device will do many tasks of smartphone. Last month, Apple experimented a device which design was similar to the wrist watch, which will operate by the same platform as the iPhone and will be made with curved glass. According to the informal data, the similar product also is developed by the Apple company — the main competitor of Samsung in the market of smartphones and tablets.

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