Flying Submarine can follow Wildlife

According to a study published by the team, the EagleRay uses little energy, has all the secrecy of a submersible and the speed of an aircraft, and uses a passively flooding and draining wing and a single electric motor/propeller combination that works in both the sky and the sea. At about 55 inches (140 centimeters) long with a wingspan of 59 inches (150 centimeters), it’s far too small for people to ride inside, but it’s a step toward the fancy cars that science fiction is so fond of.

How SpotMini Robot opens the Door

Boston Dynamics posted a video of its SpotMini robot: how the robot opens the door. Boston Dynamics has an extraordinary technical team of engineers and scientists that aren’t stopping to amaze us. At first sight, it’s a quite incredible feat.…

Interesting Facts about Depressed People

Nowadays it is very actual to meet depressed people around us for example at work, in school, in social activities etc., and each of us has ever been in depression. There has always been a lot of researches about depressed people and depression. Humans are trying to understand why and how it effects people, because 350 million people of worldwide are in condition. So we listed some interesting facts or better to say important facts about depressed people that will arouse your interest.

New way to control blood clotting using lasers and nanoparticles

Engineers of the Massachusetts technological university developed the system founded on nanoparticles with help of which it is possible to switch off and include blood clotting by light of lasers reversibly. The principle of work of system is based on release in due time substances, either blocking, or restoring work of one of factors of blood clotting — thrombin. Each of two substances was attached to cylindrical gold nanoparticles of one of two types – short and long. Radiation by the high-frequency laser led to release of the substance attached to short nanoparticles, but didn’t influence that was recorded on long and vice versa. As a blocker scientists used a special aptamer – the artificial fragment of DNA which has been selected on force of affinity to this factor of blood clotting .

Discovered new type of shape-shifting neutrino

Participants of the international experiment of T2K confirmed transformation of one grade of elementary particles of a neutrino earlier opened by them into another (the oscillation neutrino). This achievement can become the beginning of studying of the new physical phenomena which aren’t described by Standard model of interaction of elementary particles, the head of department of physics. It is a question not only of one more manifestation of the new physics which isn’t described by Standard model, but also of deep studying of such physics. The studying of the oscillation neutrino in electronic neutrinos opens unique opportunities for the solution of one of the most intriguing riddles of the nature: phenomenon of asymmetry of the Universe. Standard model is a theoretical design in physics of the elementary particles, describing electromagnetic, weak and strong interaction of all elementary particles.

Scientists synthesised new type of catalyst for fuel elements

Researchers from Institute of technology of Georgia, the USA, synthesized the catalyst from nanocrystals of Pt-Ni (platinum-nickel). The catalyst possesses record-breaking high activity in relation to reaction of restoration of oxygen (ORR). Let’s note that low catalytic activity concerning ORR is considered one of the main obstacles for successful commercialization of fuel elements on a basis. Fuel elements on the basis of proton changing membranes have high efficiency of transformation of energy that allows to replace with them petrol and diesel engines of an internal combustion engine. Unfortunately, assembly of fuel elements of the power accepted for commercial use, reliability and durability requires considerable amount of expensive metal – platinum. Therefore to make PEMFC suitable for large-scale commercialization, are necessary new more effective catalysts. By calculations of specialists of the Ministry of an energy drink of the USA, activity of the catalyst in relation to reaction of restoration of oxygen has to be increased approximately by 3–4 times that will allow to reduce amount of used platinum at preservation of present efficiency of fuel cells.

Interesting facts – The oldest calendar was found in Scotland

We take for granted modern calendars, the system invention which trace time and act as one of the most monumental achievements of mankind… but them was much more than one. Rough, but working calendar was found in the district Warren Fild in the Scottish county. It is supposed that this historical monument for measurement of time could be created much earlier, than the Sumer bronze calendar found in Mesopotamia. Archeologists consider that Warren Fild hunters and collectors for long years, approximately from 8000 g BC used a calendar that does it by the oldest calendar in the world, found today. The site with the oldest calendar was dug out for the first time by National fund for Scotland in 2004. Unusual marking was noticed during the air photography which has been carried out by the Royal commission on affairs of ancient and historical monuments to Scotland.

The intelligent knife iKnife will find cancer cells

Scientists developed a clever knife which in real time reports to surgeons about availability of cancer fabric. At test in operational a clever knife iKnife with an accuracy of 100% defined existence of cancer cells in fabric. Earlier on such procedure was required about half an hour, and the patient all this time was under anesthetic. Tests of the clever knife were carried out by financing National institute of researches in the field of health care (Great Britain), the European Research council and National administration on researches and technologies (Hungary). As a rule, at treatment of a cancer tumor doctors rest special hopes of removal of the struck fabric. Not to allow cancer recurrence, the surgeon deletes not only cancer fabric, but also part healthy. However it is impossible to define what of fabrics is struck and what is healthy. For this reason for patients quite often is required the repeat of operation for full removal of a tumor. And in case of doubts a fabric sample directly during operation send for examination which occupies not less than half an hour. The principle of work of a scalpel of iKnife is based on electrosurgery which was invented in the 1920th years.

Scientists begin testing of artificial human heart

Patients expect heart transplantation by months, and even for years. Only few from hundred on the average have an opportunity of change of a vital, and the others remain to teeter on the brink lives and death. But now, 15 years of laborious works later, in the market of transplantology there is a new artificial human heart –in a cover from cow meat. New artificial heart was created by the French company Carmat. All hopes that cow artificial heart will be better, than nowadays existing artificial organs. The matter is that all artificial hearts slowly wear out when their mechanical details come into contact to an internal structure of the person. Cow meat has to correct it.

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