New Tooth Sensor Can Track What a Human Eats

New Tooth Sensor Can Track What a Human Eats

Scientists do their best creating innovative technology that is helpful and effective. Now they have created tiny tooth-mounted sensors that can track what a human eats. The aim is to use wireless real-time monitoring to increase medical understanding between diet and health. Researchers claim that future adaptations of these sensors could enable the detection and recording of a wide range of nutrients, chemicals and physiological states.

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Lernstift Digital Pen

Lernstift Digital Pen Based on Linux

Lernstift digital pen notifies the user about all cases of misspellings. The pen works on the basis of Linux. Special sensors track the movement and allow to detect errors, and in case of their detection comes vibrating signal. Lernstift works in two modes: Calligraphy Mode and Orthography Mode. In the mode of calligraphy pen notifies the error in calligraphy, and in the orthography mode identifies spelling and grammar errors. There are two varieties of digital pen. So, the first generation of devices should appear in the middle of 2013. It will be handle with motion sensors and the system, to identify the words.

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Engineers Developed Ultra Thin Water Soluble Electronics

A team of research engineers from Tufts University, University of Illinois and Northwestern University have developed ultra-thin electronic devices that can dissolve in the body. As scientists say the new invention “Water Soluble electronics” can be widely used in medical applications. According to a study published in the journal «Science», the unit is fully “dissolve” after you have made all scheduled functions. The transient electronics are made of nanomembranes of silicon and magnesium oxide that are printed with circuitry much like a PCB, offering robust performance very similar to conventional electronics. Silicone is water-soluble but to prevent immediate disintegration, components are covered in silk.

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Babolat Rackets Play and Connect

Babolat has recently revealed a new high-tech racket that it thinks can revolutionize training for tennis. The company has called the racket in question the Play and Connect. The racket is packed with sensors and can be used primarily to analyze every aspect of a player’s swing and performance. In order to maintain the right feel that every athlete has for their rackets the company has found a way to pack the racket with sensors and technology but still make it like enough so it feels exactly like a normal albeit expensive tennis racket and is equally light.

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