google glass

Characteristics of Google Glass

Google Glass is the wearable computer, which can be operated either a voice, or touches to the touch panel. The Google published Glass Explorer Edition characteristics: the first serial model of the glasses of augmented reality. The model is intended for developers. Deliveries of the device started in the middle of April. The spectacle frame will be suitable for any person. The provision of fastenings with help of which glasses keep on a nose, can be changed. Besides regular fastenings, complete with glasses are delivered additional, two different sizes. The display resolution makes 640 on 360 points. As the screen is located in close to an eye, the user perceives it as the 25-inch display being at distance 2,4 meters. There is five-megapixel camera, capable to shoot video in permission 720p. Google Glass has 16 gigabytes of internal memory; from them twelve are available to the user. The device supports Wi-Fi of the standard 802.11b/g and has the Bluetooth module. As well as it was supposed earlier, the structure of points includes a font with bone conductivity.

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