New Apple Watch

Apple Officially Presented its New Apple Watch

It´s a fitness tracker, a music player, a communications device, a handheld portal to other apps, a virtual wallet making payments via Apple Pay, a remote control for Apple TV, an electronic key to open doors, and a smart control device to manage your house. It boasts swipe-to-glance features, voice-activated controls, and mail functionalities. It´s being charged via a combination of magnets and inductive charging. The Apple Watch will start at $349 in the US for the aluminum and glass Apple Watch Sport. The Apple Watch comes in two case sizes, 38mm and 42mm. Both of which can be set up to work on either your left or your right wrist.

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Huawei Watch

Huawei Unveils its First Smartwatch Huawei Watch

Huawei revealed its first Android Wear device called the Huawei Watch. As for the size, the watch is a compact 42mm, which is apparently friendlier to those with smaller wrists. It also has a standard 18mm lug width and you have the choice of either metal or leather straps. Like other Android Wear watches, the Huawei Watch has the usual features, such as a heart rate monitor and fitness tracking, plus a six-axis motion sensor and a barometric sensor.

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First Projection Smartwatches RITOT

Smartwatches available today have rectangular or square displays. It is the first projection watch and instead of using a conventional touch screen display the smartwatches uses a pico projector. Ritot projects everything on the back of the hand and its  absolutely safe for your skin and health. Users can change the projection color in just one click, they have the ability to choose from more than 20 colors.

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Sony SmartWatch

Sony opened the technical specification of Sony SmartWatch

Sony decided to make the platform used in computerized of Sony SmartWatch , more open, having given to third-party developers opportunity of creation and loading of alternative insertions. For these purposes were published all technical details and instructions. Before for “clever” watches from Sony it was possible to create only third-party applications. Opening of broader access to Sony SmartWatch happened after that there were messages on development of competing products by forces of the Apple and Samsung companies. According to forecasts of analysts of ABI Research, in 2013 the sale of “clever” watches will exceed 1,2 million pieces, which in terms of money will make 370 million dollars. By 2015 the volume of this market will grow by 20 times.

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Google Smart watch

Google will launch Smart Watch

It seems that the boom of smart watches is going on, because the company Google , like the Samsung and Apple, is working in creation the smart watches. Google is new company for stepping into the watch world. This Google smart watch will be developed by the Android. This means, that the company plans to get a consumer product on a speedier timeline. Google gave the patent application for smart watch in 2011. Smart watch will have number of useful functions, such as to give instructing, to receive information about products, and also to send notices by e-mail. On the other hand, Google already took important steps in development of the Google Glass project. The device is always at the user, ready to instruct here and now. Besides, it is convenient and necessary.

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apple iwatch

In 2013 Will Be Unveiled Apple iWatch

Apple’s new product named iWatch may launch in this year and as expected will run with full version of iOS. The features of iWatch were first reported by Bloomberg. But, it is more or less obvious that the Apple won’t begin to submit at once two markets unfamiliar to it one by one. According to the information, that on the project of Apple iWatch works hundred of experts, the Bloomberg agency decided not to stop on the reached. The iWatch has flexible touch panel and a food from the kinetic store. This watch will be equipped with a pedometer and a pulsator whereas On will allow to receive calls and to check the location on the card. In this gadget, also, will be sensors, tracking health of the user, for example, the counter of a warm rhythm.

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