Huawei 512 GB Storage Smartphone Coming Soon

Huawei 512 GB Storage Smartphone has recently started up in Europe. The Chinese manufacturer will be launching the P20 and P20 Pro at the end of this month coming Tuesday in Paris. Leaked renders of both phones have appeared through multiple sources in the recent weeks. Huawei P20 Lite was on pre-order in Poland and China over the past week and will be available for shipments starting March 26.

What is New on Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung unveiled the new Galaxy S6 on March 1 in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress.The Samsung Galaxy S6 is more powerful and feature-rich than their predecessor. Samsung Galaxy S6 using two processors: one quad-core 2.1-GHz and one quad-core 1.5-GHz. In theory, this will allow it to handle more applications with greater precision. It will also offer 3GB RAM and storage options of 32, 64, or 128GB and come with Android 5.0 Lollipop OS.

BOINC Android application will help the scientific researches

The BOINC Android application for Android phones and tablets, developed by researchers of the Californian University in Berkeley, allows each user to take part in important scientific researches. It is possible to download it in Google Play shop. With help of the new appendix not used computing capacities of the Android phone are involved for mathematical calculations of various projects for which existence of supercomputers usually is required. For example, thus it is possible to promote scientific researches or studying of diseases, processes of global warming, opening of new stars. The appendix works only when the Android phone is connected to the power supply network and is loaded, and after the battery will be charged more than for 95%.

Nokia officially presented the biggest smartphone Nokia Lumia 625

Nokia announced the biggest smartphone in a line of Lumia which representatives are based on the Windows Phone platform. The novelty under the name Nokia Lumia 625 is equipped with the 4,7-inch display with the resolution of 800 x 480 pixels (WVGA). It is called the producer as the most available Lumia smartphone with support of the LTE networks. The device will go on sale in the third quarter 2013 at the price about 220 euros. The communicator has a dual-core processor of Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 with a clock frequency of 1,2 GHz, 512 Mb of random access memory and the built-in 8-gigabyte flash drive for storage of photos, music and appendices. The same content can be placed on microSD format with a capacity up to 64 Gb memory cards. On the back party of the smartphone there is a 5-megapixel camera, capable to write down video in a format 1080p at a speed up to 30 frames per second.

HTC reduced the HTC One mini smartphone

HTC announced the HTC One mini smartphone — compact model of the leader of One. Weighing only 122 grams, the novelty is easier than the predecessor on 21 grams. However, on paper the device turns out not such tiny. It is lower than everything on 5,4 millimeters, already on 5 mm and is 0,5 mm thinner. However, mini can easily get into those pockets where big One wouldn’t be located. Their general impression about the smartphone such is that mini — is the same One, only small and not such powerful. Despite dimensions, HTC One mini has almost same functions, as his big brother: Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean), the aggregator of news of BlinkFeed, the same ultra pixel camera with Zoe mode support (shooting in the form of 3-second fragments) and records of video in the Full HD format. Also the edition praised high quality of assembly and the strong case cut from integral Kusa of aluminum. The mini screen and its permission is less, than at HTC One: 4,3 inches of HD (720р) with a density of 341 per inch against 4,7 inches of Full HD (1080р) and 468 ppi.

Moto X phone always listening for your voice commands

In the Network there was a roller telling about Moto X phone— the new smartphone which is developed by the Company Motorola . The device can be operated a voice, and the microphone of the device will be always included waiting for team, follows from video. That the smartphone being in a disabled condition, started responding on teams, he needs to be woken the phrase “OK Google Now”. When the device catches code words, it starts the assistant to Google Now, notes Ausdroid. The assistant needs to make further orders a voice. For example, Google Now can find and sound a weather forecast or lay a route. Thus, it is possible to interact with the smartphone, without touching it hands. How strongly constantly included microphone puts the device battery, in a roller isn’t spoken. Possibly, interception can be disconnected in the section of settings. The function of continuous expectation of voice team can be a part of the new Android version. In this case will be able to use it not only owners of Moto X phone. The number of other features of the Motorola smartphone mentioned in a roller, includes highlighting of notices of calls and messages on the screen (instead of LED indication) and function of high-speed photographing.

Talk to the hand project – the phone glove

In frames of the project Talk to the hand the British designer Sean Miles in cooperation with O2 mobile network operator presented the phone glove, which is the glove and at the same time a font for the mobile phone. In a thumb of the phone glove the loudspeaker, and there is a microphone built in a little finger. Having connected the phone glove to the smartphone through Bluetooth and having as appropriate put fingers, the user can have telephone conversation. The electronic components placed in a glove, Miles borrowed from obsolete mobile phones. Gloves were taken from old collections of brands of Miu Miu and Pineider. The glove font became part of the Talk to the Hand project, which task is to draw attention to a problem of utilization of old phones.

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