Instagram May Launch Audio and Video Calling Features Soon

Instagram has become an inseparable part of our daily lives for years. We can’t imagine our life without any social sites, especially without Instagram. So what is new for today. It turns out that Instagram may launch Audio and Video calling features Soon. These references include icons and files for features such as “call,” “video call,” and “action call”. As a matter of fact, that these files can be found inside Instagram’s APK (Android Application Package) does not essentially mean the features will be released: they could be just remnants of features which were abandoned at some point.

Algorithm developed by Facebook guessing users romantic relationship

Employee Facebook Lars Beckstromand and Cornell University professor Jon Kleinberg developed an algorithm that determines the analysis of the social graph spouses and people who are in a romantic relationship . As a metric for predicting the nature of the relationship is not the algorithm uses the number of common friends and the activity of interaction, and the so-called dispersion graph. It reflects the degree of the various social networks of partners, the relationship between two people is a high variance if their friends are poorly connected to each other . This definition is not the same as Variance of a graph.