New Updated Gear IconX Earbuds are Just Released

New Updated Gear IconX Earbuds Are Just Released

Samsung has just announced updated Gear IconX software (2018). If you cannot imagine your life without any headphone because you need listening to music during on your way or just during reading, working or even cleaning the house, therefore these new updated earbuds are for you. We are going to introduce you some updated features related to Gear IconX software which may arouse your interest. Samsung’s Gear IconX headphones were made for those users who are always on the move, and need a software that can keep up.

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Face recognition software based on google maps

Face recognition software based on Google Maps

A team created a program, for crawl Google Maps using the face recognition software. The form of pattern recognition is called Pareidolia. It is a good way which the people use to see the face, where there are shadows or collection of shapes. Using the OpenFramworks, the design studio Onformative created an application, which crawl Google Maps. This application is using algorithms of face recognition. By the transferring data back to the standalone the software uses a virtual browser for searching Google Maps. Also the application uses ofxBerkelium for capturing and storage the images of found faces, communicating via JavaScript. After the crawling from all the available images the application jumps to the next level and starts everything again.
The face recognition software has been around the world a few times, and the ground zooms in farther.

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Opera web browser for Android

Opera released the new web browser for Android

The Software Company Opera submitted the final version of the new browser for the Android mobile operating system. The web observer is based on WebKit cursor while the previous Opera browsers used Presto cursor. Besides change of a cursor, Opera Software changed the browser interface: now in it, there is a Recommendations tool (Discover). It displays the latest news on subjects interesting the user. At the same time the new browser kept the lines inherent in earlier mobile web observers of Opera. It is the compression function of a traffic and “Express panel” for work with bookmarks. The address line and line of search in the browser are combined, and the user can switch over between tabs, driving a finger on the screen.

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Blackberry Z10 Smartphone

BlackBerry Z10 Smartphone

From March 12 it will be possible to preorder the BlackBerry Z10 smartphone, and from the March 22 the online selling. The price of the BlackBerry Z10 will be $199.99 for e two year contract. It is the first Smartphone with the new BlackBerry 10 software.The device has 4.2 inch display with high resolution and HD permission (1280х720). The camera records 1080p full HD video. The Smartphone is supplied with two cameras – the main 8-megapixel and frontal, with the resolution of 2 megapixels. For speed of system are responsible a dual-core processor with a clock frequency of 1.5 GHz and 2 GB of random access memory. Flash memory 16 GB are available to data storage, however the capacity of memory can be expanded by means of MicroSDHC cards. The weight of this Smartphone is 137 g, and the dimensions are following: 65.6x130x9mm.

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Google Chromebook Pixel

Google Chromebook Pixel

It’s been two weeks that Google unveiled the Google Chromebook Pixel. This is amazing device with stylish design. The Chromebook Pixel is the first device, which is not made by Apple. This device operates only with Chrome operating system. The Google Chromebook Pixel is a laptop in which is mixed the best hardware, software and innovative design.The Chromebook Pixel has a delightful display with high resolution, the 12.85” fantastic touch screen, with 4,3 million pixels. The weight of this device is 3,3 pounds, which is 6 ounces more than 13-inch MacBook. The case of Chromebook Pixel is made from dark aluminum, and looks like a computer Harley Davidson.

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