Bag With Built-in Solar Panel

Bag with built-in solar panel Element5 Mini L Solarbag not only protects your iPad from bumps and scrapes, but also extend battery life. Here is used the solar panel fundamentally new design, called BluCell, which makes effective use of solar energy.Mini L Solarbag BluCell -Solar Panel provides its internal eMicro battery with a constant flow of energy as soon as sunlight hits your bag.

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Solar Panels Generate Energy for a High Speed Train

High-speed international trains,which runs between linking Paris and Amsterdam, the first in Europe use electricity generated by solar panels.The 3.6-kilometer tunnel crossing Antwerp, in northern Belgium, is fitted with 16,000 solar panels covering 50,000 square meters. The panels produce 3,300 megawatts of electricity per hour.According to Steven De Tollenaere, head of project developers Enfinity, during use electricity, the energy losses and transport costs are excluded.

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Solar Panel for Tablets

Experts from Pixel Qi, a company that specializes in displays with low power consumption, have decided to develop a solar panel which could easily provide power portable gadgets. The company recently introduced its latest system at Computex 2011.The system is designed for installation on Tablet PCs to help them run entirely on solar energy.

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Solar Handbag Carryall

Danish design studio, called DIFFUS, developed a new solar-powered handbag, called Carryall.Diffus is a design firm that mixes and matches new technology with traditional methods to come up with a product that’s practical as well as fashionable

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France Solar Energys Factory

Recently the French government announced the launch of several new ecological projects that are designed to promote the production of solar energy and which will bring France into the first place in Europe for producing electricity from the sun.So, according to this, in France must construct the factory to collect solar energy

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