10 Advantages to use Sony Digital Paper Tablet

Sony has launched its the smallest version Digital Paper called the DPT-CP1, which is the same size as an A5 paper. The tablet includes 16GB of storage, and it is only 5.9mm thick. Battery life is rated at a month. Sony suggests you Digital Paper that combines the simplicity of reading and writing on real paper with the convenience of digital features, including easy sharing across devices, searchable documents, and secure document encryption. The DPT-RP1 is already available, but the smaller DPT-CP1 is planned to launch in June.

Sony and Panasonic will develop an optical disk of new generation

The Sony and Panasonic companies concluded the cooperation agreement in area of development of an optical disk of the new generation intended for long-term storage of information. Sony and Panasonic will combine the efforts and technological practices belonging to them for joint achievement of a common goal — development and start in production of an optical disk with a capacity at least 300 Gb intended for professional use. The companies while continue negotiations on specifications and parameters of future format of data recording. Sony and Panasonic intend to finish development of a disk of a new format with a capacity of 300 Gb by the end of 2015. According to representatives of the companies, the main destination of the carriers possessing such qualities, as moisture and frost resistance, ability to maintain differences of temperatures — to be a basis for creation of long-term storages of information.

Sony opened the technical specification of Sony SmartWatch

Sony decided to make the platform used in computerized of Sony SmartWatch , more open, having given to third-party developers opportunity of creation and loading of alternative insertions. For these purposes were published all technical details and instructions. Before for “clever” watches from Sony it was possible to create only third-party applications. Opening of broader access to Sony SmartWatch happened after that there were messages on development of competing products by forces of the Apple and Samsung companies. According to forecasts of analysts of ABI Research, in 2013 the sale of “clever” watches will exceed 1,2 million pieces, which in terms of money will make 370 million dollars. By 2015 the volume of this market will grow by 20 times.

Sony Xperia ZR smartphone with underwater camera

Sony presented the Xperia ZR smartphone, capable to make photos and video in Full HD under water. Shooting is allowed to be conducted at a depth up to one and a half meters. If necessary the underwater scene can be shined with LED flash, which is built in the device. Sony allows immersing the smartphone only in fresh water. Resolution of the camera built in the smartphone makes 13 megapixels. Among other things it is able to take a photo and video with an expanded dynamic range (HDR), and in a mode of serial photographing is capable to do to 15 frames per second. The Xperia ZR smartphone is equipped with the 4,6-inch screen with the resolution of 1280 on 720 points. It has the tetracyclic Snapdragon S4 Pro processor, two gigabytes quick and eight gigabytes of internal memory.

Sony unveiled X05 Headphones

At 28th of February Sony unveiled a new product – X05 Headphones – the next generation of headphones. This headphone has a lighter and more compact design, but the features are still same. The features are- 40 mm drivers, neodymium magnets, from 4 up to 24000 Hz Frequency Response, the weight is approximately 8.29 ounces, ship with a comfortable case. There is a 1.2 meter flat cord with a headphone, inline remote with volume control for Apple products. Also The X05 Headphones has an Omni-Directional Microphone.

Xperia Tablet Z Unveiled Sony

Sony announced the Xperia Tablet Z for U.S and European markets in Barcelona. During two years this is the third large form Android tablet from Sony. This tablet is the best tablet in history of Sony. Xperia Tablet Z is very thin and the lightest 10-inch table. Xperia Tablet Z has 6.9 mm profile, which is twice thinner than iPad Mini. Tablet Z is powered by Snapdragon S4 processor and has 2 GB RAM, Wi-Fi, MHL, Bluetooth, NDC, an accelerometer and aGPS. The screen deliveries 1.920×1.200 pixels. Also the screen has resistance of scratch and water.

Sony Unveils PlayStation 4 Console

Sony produced new generation of gaming console PlayStation 4, which is equipped X86 architecture processor.This fact will help game developers to create games easily.PlayStation 4 should compete with Microsoft Xbox console of new generation, which is not presented yet. Now there are three main game producers – Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony, but only Sony released the console of new generation – Wii U. The new DualShock 4 gamepad, with which PlayStation 4 will be completed, will significantly differ from those, which had used before. The game control device has touch panel and light diodes, which control the gamepad position by camera. In PlayStation 4 the main functions are social functions. For example, gamers can record and exchange with each other some videos from game process. PlayStation 4 has many games, among them Killzone actions, Shadow Fall, Infamous, Second Son etc. Sales of the new stationary game console Sony PlayStation 4 will begin at the end of the current year.

Top 10 Technology Innovations of 2011

Below are presented most remarkable hi-tech innovations of 2011. The innovative device allows for using the most required entertainment options in a single box. Built-in Chrome browser will make the entire internet available on the TV’s large LCD screen. Ming-Zher Poh and Dan McDuff have developed a medical mirror which is able to tell your heartbeat without any clips connected to your body. A large framed mirror is equipped with a special webcam located behind the two-way glass.

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