The Biggest Black Holes are Outgrowing Their Galaxies

The biggest black holes are growing faster than the rate of stars being formed in their galaxies, in accordance with two new studies using data from NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory and other telescopes. More than many years, astronomers have collected data on the arrangement of stars in galaxies and the growth of the biggest black holes (that is, those with millions or billions the mass of the Sun) in their centers.

Sea Level Rise Accelerating

Scientists indicate that sea level rise is accelerating, in accordance with a new study based on NASA data. As seas warm and ice melts, Earth ocean’s have risen steadily. This acceleration is driven mainly by increased melting in Greenland and Antarctica that could double the total sea level rise projected by 2100 according to lead author Steve Nerem. Nerem is a professor of Aerospace Engineering Sciences at the University of Colorado Boulder, a fellow at Colorado’s Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences (CIRES), and a member of NASA’s Sea Level Change team.

Top 10 Facts about Jupiter

Today, we have listed top 10 facts about Jupiter, that is worth knowing. Jupiter is the largest planet that we know of now. It’s similar to a star, but it never got big enough to start burning. It has big storms like the Great Red Spot, which has been going for hundreds of years. Jupiter also has rings, but they’re too faint to see very well. So there are many facts about Jupiter that is really fascinating, but we distinguished top 10 facts which is the most interesting.

Space Elevator will be created by Japanese

Space elevator will be created by a Japanese company by 2050. It will allow transferring humans cargos into space. The space elevator can reduce the cost of delivering payloads to space by 90% which will destroy the need for rockets. Cargo generally costs approximately 22.000$ per 1kg via rockets. But Using Obayashi’s space elevator the cost would be closer to 200$. It is also convenient for long-distance space travel. It comprises of a 96.000 km (60.000m) long carbon nanotube cable. For instance, the international space station is 330 km away from Earth, and the Moon is 284,400 km away from Earth.

Space travel for only $ 75000

Representatives of World View Entreprises informed the public of its intention to develop space travel in a balloon. We are talking about flying into the earth’s stratosphere at an altitude of about 30 kilometers. The mechanism of this journey is simple. Within two hours of the capsule attached to a giant balloon will keep tourists in the stratosphere. One such trip will cost only 75,000 dollars. According to the organizers the first tourist flights in a balloon in the stratosphere will be held in 2016.

Now everyone will be able to send messages to space

On July 18 the Lone Signal Company will send photos and text messages to space from mobile phones. The messages will be broadcast towards a star to Gliese 526, which is the red dwarf in Bootes constellation. There are planets round it, which atmosphere is similar to the terrestrial address. For throwing a signal rather far, Lone Signal rented a radio telescope of Jamesburg for thirty years. For the first time the ciphered message was sent towards a star congestion in Oat-flakes constellation, at distance of 25,000 light years from Earth. It went to space from a radio telescope of observatory of Aresibo (Puerto Rico) in November, 1974. The distance of Gliese 526 is 17,6 light years, and by 2050 we will be able to receive the answer.

Astronomers captured the tailed asteroid P/2010 A2 (LINEAR)

The small comet P/2010 A2 (LINEAR) has characteristics at the same time an asteroid and a comet. For the first time this asteroid was open on January 6, 2010. When this asteroid was in the main asteroid belt, astronomers noticed at it a tail, as at a comet. For this reason initially this asteroid was entered in the catalog as a comet of the main asteroid belt.

About 1 month astronomers observed the object P/2010 A2 (LINEAR) with help of Hubble telescope. After one month the astronomers came to conclusion that it is not a comet with a tail from parts of ice, but an asteroid with a tail from a dust and the gas, formed after collision with any other space object.

The Big Bang echo based on microwave radiation

The professor of University of Washington John Kramer recreated the fluctuation of substance on the basis of the relic microwave radiation in the early Universe and turned them into sounds.
As basic data Kramer used results of measurement of the microwave radiation, received recently from the Planck telescope. They reflect temperature fluctuations in the Big Bang, which can be a print of fluctuation of substance. By the words of physicist the initial waves were not variations of temperatures, but the real echo waves, which extended on the Universe.
The scientist transformed data of microwave radiation by the Mathematic program to fluctuations. That echoes became available to the human ear, the received fluctuations should be accelerated very strongly – in 1026 of times. On records gradual strengthening of low tones is audible. According to Kramer, it reflects expansion of the Universe stretching waves of fluctuations.
Results of work of the physicist reflect fluctuations, which happened in the Big Bang when its age made from only 380 to 760 thousand years. Now this age makes 13,4 billion years.

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