The World Fastest Plane

Hypersonic aircraft X-43A is the fastest airplane in the world. This is unmanned plane, which at the time of testing showed fantastic speed 11 230 km / h, which is about 9.6 times faster than the speed of sound. Over the design and construction of aircraft X-43A worked specialists of NASA, MicroCraft Inc, Orbital Sciences Corporation, and others.

Largest Digital Camera for a Space Mission

Scientists were able to collect the largest digital camera ever built for a space mission. The camera consists of 106 individual electronic sensors. The resulting “one billion pixels,” will serve as a super-sensitive “eye” for the mission Gaia ESA, which aims to create a three-dimensional map of the Milky Way.Gaia will map a billion stars within our own Galaxy during its five-year mission, which will begin in 2013.

The Outburst of Neutron Star IGR J18410-0535

With the help of the European Space Agency’s XMM-Newton space observatory researchers detected the outburst of the neutron star, called IGR J18410-0535 (right).The neutron star blazed up in a four-hour superflare after being swamped by the cloud. The neutron star blazed up at 10,000 times its normal brightness in X-ray wavelengths. IGR J18410-0535, is about 6 miles (10 kilometers) wide.

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