10 Advantages to use Sony Digital Paper Tablet

10 Advantages to use Sony Digital Paper Tablet

Sony has launched its the smallest version Digital Paper called the DPT-CP1, which is the same size as an A5 paper. The tablet includes 16GB of storage, and it is only 5.9mm thick. Battery life is rated at a month. Sony suggests you Digital Paper that combines the simplicity of reading and writing on real paper with the convenience of digital features, including easy sharing across devices, searchable documents, and secure document encryption. The DPT-RP1 is already available, but the smaller DPT-CP1 is planned to launch in June.

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BOINC Android application

BOINC Android application will help the scientific researches

The BOINC Android application for Android phones and tablets, developed by researchers of the Californian University in Berkeley, allows each user to take part in important scientific researches. It is possible to download it in Google Play shop. With help of the new appendix not used computing capacities of the Android phone are involved for mathematical calculations of various projects for which existence of supercomputers usually is required. For example, thus it is possible to promote scientific researches or studying of diseases, processes of global warming, opening of new stars. The appendix works only when the Android phone is connected to the power supply network and is loaded, and after the battery will be charged more than for 95%.

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Samsung Galaxy tablet on the Intel Atom processor

Samsung Galaxy tablet on the Intel Atom processor

Samsung prepares for release a tablet on the Intel Atom processor. The tablet will belong to a line of Galaxy devices, which Samsung develops since 2009, and will receive the name Galaxy Tab 3. The Atom processor will be involved in it on the Clover Trail platform. Most likely, it will be the binuclear Atom Z2520, which is let out on 32-nanometer technical process. In spite of the fact that the tablet didn’t leave yet, the GFXBench edition already published. Judging by them, the device will receive the 10,1-inch screen with the resolution of 1280 on 800 points and will work at Android 4.2.2. Clock frequency of the processor makes from 0,8 to 1,6 gigahertzes.

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Iriver ITQ701 WOW tabet

The first tablet Iriver ITQ701 WOW from Iriver

Iriver presents the first compact ITQ701 WOW tablet computer with the IPS screen, high efficiency and a modern operating system. The model is equipped with the 7-inch display with an IPS matrix created on the Hitachi and NEC technologies, allowing increasing a review corner to 178 degrees, and the high-performance NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor providing fast performance of the most complex challenges. Thanks to the small sizes and small weight, the tablet becomes the beautiful partner on any trips and the reliable assistant in work.

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Samsung GALAXY Tab 3

Samsung presented new GALAXY Tab 3

Samsung presented GALAXY Tab 3 – a tablet with a diagonal of the screen of 7 inches, which became thinner and stylish, thus device productivity considerably increased, and new multimedia opportunities were added. With the new device of GALAXY Tab, Samsung seeks to expand as much as possible the range of the innovative tablets, having made more ergonomic and compact, for users increasing convenience of work with them. Thanks to a successful form factor, GALAXY Tab 3 conveniently lies in a hand and will easily be located in a pocket of a jacket or in a handbag, thus, users can for hours, without the slightest discomfort and fatigue, to enjoy reading or viewing of a multimedia content directly under way. Besides, the stylish and elegant design of GALAXY Tab 3 is emphasized by a distinguished frame, which became much thinner, than in the previous GALAXY Tab 2 (7.0) model. The tablet of GALAXY Tab 3 is equipped with a powerful dual-core processor with a clock frequency of 1,2 GHz, which guarantees the high speed of loading and an exchange of a content, and also fast Internet access, to video files, appendices and games. The device has 8-16 GB of built-in memory and microSD slot to 64 GB for reliable storage of appendices, video, facsimiles.

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google nexus 7 tablet

The exit of new Google Nexus 7 tablet is appointed at July

In July Google will start the sale of new version of a tablet of Nexus 7. The new tablet will differ from the previous with the processor (instead of Tegra 3 in it will be used the Qualcomm chip), higher resolution of the screen (in the first Nexus 7 it makes 1280 on 800 points), and appearance — frame round the display of the device becomes thinner. As the first tablet, new Nexus 7 will be let out for Google by the Asus. The first Nexus 7 after an exit of the new Google Nexus 7 device either will be laid off or will be on sale at a discount. For the second half of 2013, Google expects to sell 6-8 million new tablets. For comparison, sales of the first Nexus 7 in July-December 2012, made 4,6 million devices. Google submitted the first version of Nexus 7 tablet at the I/O conference in June, 2012. The price of the device — $199 for 16-gigabyte model and $249 for 32-gigabyte — allows to enlist Nexus 7 in category of “the budgetary tablets” into which Kindle Fire and iPad mini.

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Asus fonepad

ASUS FONEPAD an innovative Device from ASUS

In World Mobile Congress which was at February 25 in Bareslona, Asus announced an innovative Device Asus Fonepad. This is 7 inch tablet with 3G voice and all features of smartphone. Asus Fonepad equipped Intel® Atom™ Z2420 processor with Android 4.1, this fact gives wide viewing and clarity to HD display. The combination of 3G mobile with the telephony support, brings the perfect result of a tablet and phone in one device. Continuing the collaboration of Intel with Asus by producing the Z2420 processor, the company gives to users the power, flexibility, and range of performance, by one word- innovative device – Asus Fonepad.

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sony xperia z table

Xperia Tablet Z Unveiled Sony

Sony announced the Xperia Tablet Z for U.S and European markets in Barcelona. During two years this is the third large form Android tablet from Sony. This tablet is the best tablet in history of Sony. Xperia Tablet Z is very thin and the lightest 10-inch table. Xperia Tablet Z has 6.9 mm profile, which is twice thinner than iPad Mini. Tablet Z is powered by Snapdragon S4 processor and has 2 GB RAM, Wi-Fi, MHL, Bluetooth, NDC, an accelerometer and aGPS. The screen deliveries 1.920×1.200 pixels. Also the screen has resistance of scratch and water.

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