Tesla showed hot replacement car batteries in Tesla model S

Last night the Tesla Motors company showed in operation automatic hot replacement car batteries. The experiment was on the Tesla S model. Such replacement was put in a design initially, but still wasn’t used. And here in front of journalists and hundred clients the founder of the company Elon Mask showed work of experimental station on the fast replacement, capable to throw the car accumulator in only one and a half minutes. The traction accumulator is removed with the special manipulator, which right there changes the sat-down battery for the loaded. The driver doesn’t need to leave car salon. The service of replacement car batteries the company intends to begin at the end of this year, at first in California.

Tesla Unveils Model X Electric SUV

Electric car maker Tesla unveiled its third car, an all-electric SUV, minivan hybrid called the Model X, for the first time. First thing you’ll notice about the car will be its “falcon wing” rear doors. Instead of opening to the side like regular doors in the front, these “falcon wing” doors open upwards instead, resembling the wings of a bird when open. The doors even feature a double hinge so that they take up less horizontal space when opening, which makes it more practical especially in tight places.