Top 10 Technology Innovations of 2011

Below are presented most remarkable hi-tech innovations of 2011. The innovative device allows for using the most required entertainment options in a single box. Built-in Chrome browser will make the entire internet available on the TV’s large LCD screen. Ming-Zher Poh and Dan McDuff have developed a medical mirror which is able to tell your heartbeat without any clips connected to your body. A large framed mirror is equipped with a special webcam located behind the two-way glass.

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Toshibas Flexible OLED-Panel

Toshiba has developed a flexible OLED-panel running on thin-film’s transistor (TFT) on oxide semiconductors.As a substrate Toshiba’s engineers used a plastic material by reducing the maximum temperature in the production process of oxide transistors to 200 ˚ C.Size of the display

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