New Twitter is Finally Complet

As we know late last year, Twitter started rolling out its brand new user interface to users all across the world, and now the rollout of New Twitter is finally complete. Tweets can now be expanded in the timeline itself for you to see photos, videos, retweets, favorites and more.The navigation has been redesigned to three sections, such as Home, Connect and Discover. Home is the main screen where you can read your Twitter feed, Connect is where you check mentions and who has been following you, while Discover is for checking out what is interesting, trending, relevant to you.

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Twitter Got a New Look

Tweeter blog has introduced its new version with a simplified design and easier way to follow channels, connect and communicate with friends and share the information.The new version of Twitter got two new tabs: Discover and Connect. According to the information and video shared in the Twitter’s blog, the Discover tab is used for reflecting your interest, the latest updates from the channels and people you are following.

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