Volkswagen CrossBlue concept car

Volkswagen unveil new concept car CrossBlue Coupe

On the Internet there were first official photos of a conceptual crossover of Volkswagen CrossBlue Coupe. The first live display of a prototype will take place during a motor show in Shanghai. The shape of a novelty partly reminds the Volkswagen CrosBlue Coupe concept car, which was presented in November, 2011 on motor show in Tokyo. Similarities can be noticed in registration of a false radiator lattice and forward headlights. Also at Volkswagen concept cars the back part and a profile are similar. The novelty interior almost completely duplicates salon of the six-seater CrossBlue concept car, which presented in January of the current year on motor show in Detroit. Earlier it was reported, that the dimensional length of CrossBlue Coupe makes 4,89 meters, width – 2,02 meters, and the wheel base is equal 2,98 meters. Thus, new prototype any more only Tiguan of the current generation, but also Touareg. The last is ten centimeters shorter than a prototype. CrossBlue Coupe is equipped with the hybrid power plant, which combines pair of electric motors and petrol V-shaped six.

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Volkswagen electric car e-up

Volkswagen unveiled new Volkswagen electric car e-up

Yesterday (on March 17) at an official press conference of investors in Volsfburge, company Volkswagen opened some details of the Volkswagen electric car e-up. It was presented for the first time. The novelty is equipped with a 81-strong electric motor and a set lithium – ion batteries of 18,7 kWh. Range of run of this electric car makes 150 kilometers. The Volkswagen electric car e-up can be equipped with according to the buyers’ desire. After the storage battery is completely charged, it is possible to recharge it during a way for 80% in 30 minutes. The Volkswagen e-up electric car practically differs nothing from the petrol relative, however nevertheless has some specific elements. For example, the car is equipped with LED day headlights on a front bumper.

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Volkswagen is Working on Hover Car Concept

This Volkswagen hover car is a concept vehicle that is used for personal transportation in the same way a modern car is employed. You must steer it, like you would a normal vehicle, but the only difference is that it’s flying in the air. So far we’ve seen a few of them, in movies that is. But little did we know that Volkswagen is already working on a hover car concept. The German car maker challenged a few of the folks in China to submit their ideas of what the car of the future must look like.

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Volkswagen Present a System of Driving Auto Pilot

Volkswagen has developed a system “autopilot” for car driving without a driver. The new system is called Temporary Auto Pilot. This is the first step toward unmanned driving. The system operates in coordination with passive safety car, such as speed control and route choice. At this stage, an innovative system of Temporary Auto Pilot by Volkswagen can only temporarily operate independently under the strict control of driver.

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