Google will launch Smart Watch

It seems that the boom of smart watches is going on, because the company Google , like the Samsung and Apple, is working in creation the smart watches. Google is new company for stepping into the watch world. This Google smart watch will be developed by the Android. This means, that the company plans to get a consumer product on a speedier timeline. Google gave the patent application for smart watch in 2011. Smart watch will have number of useful functions, such as to give instructing, to receive information about products, and also to send notices by e-mail. On the other hand, Google already took important steps in development of the Google Glass project. The device is always at the user, ready to instruct here and now. Besides, it is convenient and necessary.

Samsung Wrist watch

Samsung Electronics is developing a new device like a wrist watch. The company didn’t give any information regarding new device. This wearable digital device will do many tasks of smartphone. Last month, Apple experimented a device which design was similar to the wrist watch, which will operate by the same platform as the iPhone and will be made with curved glass. According to the informal data, the similar product also is developed by the Apple company — the main competitor of Samsung in the market of smartphones and tablets.

In 2013 Will Be Unveiled Apple iWatch

Apple’s new product named iWatch may launch in this year and as expected will run with full version of iOS. The features of iWatch were first reported by Bloomberg. But, it is more or less obvious that the Apple won’t begin to submit at once two markets unfamiliar to it one by one. According to the information, that on the project of Apple iWatch works hundred of experts, the Bloomberg agency decided not to stop on the reached. The iWatch has flexible touch panel and a food from the kinetic store. This watch will be equipped with a pedometer and a pulsator whereas On will allow to receive calls and to check the location on the card. In this gadget, also, will be sensors, tracking health of the user, for example, the counter of a warm rhythm.

Asteroid Toutatis Getting Closer to the Earth on 12 Dec 2012

Asteroid Toutatis which was discovered on January 4, 1989 by Christian Poll must once again get close to the Earth on December 12. The small asteroid, consisting of two parts of 4.6 km and 2.4 km can not harm our planet. Asteroid Toutatis 4179 was named after the Celtic god. This asteroid has an irregular form, and belongs to the category of Apollo. Asteroid Toutatis has diameter 5.4 kilometers, and the rotation period is 176 hours. At the closest distance the asteroid approached the Earth in 2004. This year, the asteroid must pass by our planet at a distance of 6.9 million kilometers from Earth.

Tokyoflash Watch Space Digits

Tokyoflash has unveiled a new uniquely styled watches this week with the launch of the Kisai Space Digits LCD Watch, which has been inspired by intergalactic travel. Tokyoflash watch displays the time and date digitally on one screen, and is easy to read once you take a minute to study the watch face, or watch the video after the jump which explains everything.On the Tokyoflash watch the time is displayed in hours and minutes using digits and is read from left to right, and the date – month and day, is displayed from top to bottom. As well as time and date, Tokyoflash watch has also equipped with a built in alarm, an EL backlight and a custom designed ‘warp speed’ animation which will send the display into a spin every 15 minutes.

Nanolet iPod Nano Bracelet

The iPod nano was designed to be an MP3 player, but due to its small form factor and watch-like appearance, accessory manufacturers have been busy putting out a variety of watch straps that allows the user to slot the iPod nano in place and wear it as a watch while doubling as an MP3 player at the same time.

Handheld Smartphone WristPC

Concept WristPC is a complete communicator for games, communication, navigation, and even work, if someone need to urgently make changes to an LLC or send a letter to business partners. On the technical characteristics of the device haven’t been announced, WristPC developers claim that they are at a level consistent with the usual smartphone.

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