Found the first Skeleton of an Antarctic Minke Whale

The scientists of University of Southampton in England, found the first skeleton of an Antarctic Minke whale. This discovering will help the scientists to learn at least nine new species from inhospitable climates in the Earth. The whale is the largest mammal on the planet, but the dead whale in the ocean is exceptionally rare. The skeleton of dead whale found in the Antarctic. The scientists found the 35 foot long skeleton of dead Antarctic Minke whale by the “undersea vehicle”. They searched a crater near the South Sandwich Islands approximately one mile below the surface of the ocean. When dies the whale, the body plunges to the floor of ocean.

Rorqual Whales New Sensory Organ

A new sensory organ has been discovered in rorqual whales. Rorqual whales are a subgroup of baleen whales that includes blue, fin, minke, and humpback whales. They are known for their enormous size, and an accordion-like layer of blubber extending from their snout to their navel. This blubber can expand to many times its resting size, allowing massive quantities of prey-filled water to be swallowed and then expelled back out while filtering the prey.