Birth of the Black Holes

Black holes are celestial objects which are so dense, that not even light can escape they intense gravitational pull. Their gravity is not sufficient to overpower the atomic and nuclear forces of their interiors, which resist compression. But in more massive objects, gravity ultimately wins. This phenomenon occurs when a dying stars runs out of fuel and collapses under the weight of their own gravity. According to scientists, there might be three types of black holes : stellar, supermassive, and miniature black holes – depending on their mass. Astronomers can measure the mass of black holes by studying the material that orbits around them.

Is Exist White Holes ?

Until now all knowledge of White Holes were based only on assumptions According to astronomers White Hole is an antithesis of the Black Hole It creates a matter,which ejected into space So its possible thats the reason that on the place of fire GRB 060614 nothing could be seen