Smallest Computer

Smallest Computer The World Smaller than Size of a Grain of Rice

IBM company has created world’s smallest computer which is just 0.3mm long and is dwarfed by a grain of rice. It was developed by the University of Michigan. The name of this microchip is “microdevice”, it is a tenth of the size of IBM’s 1mm x 1mm computer which was launched just a few months ago at their conference “Think 2018”. Before “microdevice” the smallest computer of the world has been 2x2x4mm Michigan Micro Mote, which could retain its programming and data even when the power is cut off.

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Worlds Smallest Computer

Worlds Smallest Computer

Seriously, the world’s smallest computer. It barely covers the “N” on a penny. The prototypical sensor device developed by researchers at the University of Michigan is intended to monitor eye pressure for glaucoma patients. It connects wirelessly to other computers and is charged with a solar cell, needing just 1.5 hours of sunlight or 10 hours of indoor light to reach full power. The mini-computer has potential for a plethora of applications, from sensing pollution, structural integrity, tracking and surveillance — virtually any way one could think of to make an object “smart.”

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